CENTUM is In 2 billion loss. This conversation was here few months back. If you are in this kijiji & didn’t make an exit plan. Ng’ombe sana

Leta evidence boss

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Cytonnaires washaanza kulilia kwa choo ama bado wanajijaza :D:D:D

:D:D:D:D target customers wa cyton ni high end clients. Ati amara ridge pare bomas ili kua $1M dollar per house. Ongeza high end projects zingine kama alma, situ village. Due diligence ni cytonn Hawajalipa shamba, building materials na contractors. Hii ni Suraya imevaa suit ya Sir Henry. Since it’s a limited company, the directors are safe but clients wako na worthless papers ati ni contract na walikua wanawait title deed pamoja na wale wa clients wa bonds wa kupata dividends za 15%p.a. Wote watalia Kwa choo. Afadhali wangelipa 50 years supply ya lanye na ni VAT free. Na wait auctioneers na banks waingie Kwa mix. Hii itakua movie.

Cytonn imetoka wapi na imeingilia wapi ?

Google is your friend

Centum is what made losses but you’ve gone on a long incoherent diatribe about Cytonn.
I know both are shady companies, but once again relevance ya what you’ve written na OP’s post iko wapi?

trusting Kirubi with your money ni kama Trusting a hyena with meat

Investors wanakua prepared psychologically…lakini Kenyans never learn

Ghaseer, ni mimi nimeingiza story ya Cytonn. This is why it’s a bad idea to block Kenyatalk’s opinion shapers, unaachwa ukifloat when men are discussing serious issues.

Wewe ni investor wa cyton? Uko defensive sana

share price ikienda chini I will buy

It’s been a tough year for business. Many other corporations will report loses.

:D:D:D:D:D… peasant " thinking" the fundamentals are strong and will autocorrect once the covid situation is sorted out.

Baba punguza mehemehe. This is an anonymous forum where one can write anything. Wewe stick to topic ukitaka utuwache sisi wengine twende on a tangent. That said, I find it very interesting that you can’t see the link between a comment on Cytonn on a Centum thread despite your self proclaimed brilliance.

Correct him nicely, no need of denting his ego

Huwa anaskia mawivu akiskia wanaume wengine wako na pesa kumliko. @Sambamba

Wacha apewe ngoto. Hii nugu ya Kahawa Sukari huwa inajiskia sana.



[SIZE=5]Lakini uwesmafuthi hapa ako na point. I mean this guy stole a whole govt owned parastatal bank known as ICDC and became a mbirrionea. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In 1967 the Government of Kenya started an investment company called ICDC Investment Company Limited where the Kenyan public could invest. In 2007, that subsidiary rebranded as Centum Investment Company Limited. [/SIZE]

Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation - Wikipedia

Baas baas tulia opinion shaper, ameskia