Census official gang raped

… Sad
The lady was raped just after being dropped by her supervisor in Maseno, Kisumu.

Shitty govt, Shitty plans and shitty everything!

Another one biten by bukusu sheppart…ya ya uwesmake.


:D:D:D:D:D:D whats shocks me with those men is not the actual rape…but their dicks are hard when that poor woman is crying…yaani wamembao in such conditions…

My lady applied for the census job and I raised my concerns with her. I am glad due to corruption she didn’t manage to get the job. Sometimes corruption can be good.

it very sad
but hii tuliona na …

Sawa old informed elder

@gashwin rudisha hio picha banae

SI niliwaambia Mungu Ni mzungu

was looking for a smaller size…


this girl needs a lawyer, the gava should be sued for not offering security to its employee who was working at night

rape cases and general insecurity has been a big problem in maseno for a while now…am sure the government will now act


So saddening. Why do men do these kind of atrocities?

Wanyore wa maseno sio binadamu. Bangi na changaa ndio zao

Jinga. Usiongee vibaya kwa God’s people.

Hehehehe wewe haikosi umetoka Luanda.