Cecil the Zimbabwe Lion Murdered

Some things make me sick to the core with humanity. Cecil was a Zimbabwe lion that was lured out of the park and gruesomely killed using an arrow and a gun recently by an american trophy hunter walter james palmer (i cant even capitalise his names) a stupid and vile dentist from Minessota.

Now, it makes me mad that countries today still allow trophy hunting of game as a money making sport. What nonsense. What greed. How damn fucking unsustainable. If we were all to think like that wanker palmer would there be lions left. I think hell reserves a special place for someone who trails and kills an innocent animal for mere fun. And then goes ahead and skins and beheads it just for conquest. If you like shooting why dont you become a soldier and volunteer into Amisom or Syria.

Apparently the dentist paid around usd 55,000 to make the kill. I mean, where the hell are the worlds priorities. Had he gone aroung Zimbabwe and looked into the peoples problems he would have found a zillion problems that he can help solve with that kind of money from paying school fees for orphans to buying them food and clothing or even sponsoring the building of a clinic. But what does the fool do? Line a few pockets to get the chance to kill a lion so that future generations do not get to see a lion and Zimbabwe never ever earns tourist dollars from that lion again. How stupid and greedy.

The sad fact is wanker palmer may never face any justice. After all he claims the kill was legally organised. And unfortunately this may be true. Shame to palmer but bigger shame to uncle Bob if this can happen under his watch and his game wardens. Infact shame to all the african countries that allow this cruel practice perpetrated especially by whites. The sad thing is that this case only raised world uproar because Cecil was known and was actually a collared lion under study by Oxford university. How many other unknown lions and other game are killed in similar circumstances without anyones knowledge. SHAME!!!

Was about to do a thread on this. I’m usually not one to support bullying but the dentist who shot the lion is getting himself a new azz ripped by the Interwebs.

Niccurs are all over his FB, Youtube, website … lol the best are the reviews on his dentistry practice’s Yelp page.

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lol this guy better have a good backup plan because he will definitely need to shut down and find another way of making money once SJWs are done with his azz! I hope he also changes his name AND face because he has just become the most recognizable person within like 2 days!


We need to hunt him down and give him a piece of our mind. Im thankful to all the people who have made effort to track him online and shame him

@Dunya lol just Google “Walter James Palmer” and take your pick. 4chan haven’t even gotten started with this guy and his home plus business addresses have been exposed, his entire online presence is under attack, his wife and kids are now being stalked, and even people.groups/corporations who supported him at any point are all under attack!

I wouldn’t even want to be his cat at this moment! EVERYTHING/EVERYONE HE’S TOUCHED IS UNDER ATTACK! And these are just your random Internet users. Once the real Internet trolls join in, he can go live outside the factory which manufactures Depend® and buy everything they produce because his rectum will be DONE!!!

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Sawa thanks for the info guys

Hi @Nefertities?

We kill innocent animals every day. Think about it next time you buy a kaquarter. And this is a lion, hata haiwes chinjwo tukule. Most likely ingeua mtu kama ingempata offside.

I am of the opinion that all game parks should be closed and the land sold to investors or given to the landless. Has anyone ever tried to analyze wgat tourism brings in vs the budget ya KWS? And think of the money kenya would get if we killed all our wildlife and sold the meat and trophies. Kenya, despite being a global tourism destination, still remains a very poor country, meaning wildlife will never make us rich. Afathali tulime kahawa kwa hizo parks.

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Double standards while we were in primary school we were told stories of how Kantai and his age set set out to kill a lion to prove they are men enough , When a mzungu does it we begin ranting. Even KWS does it when a lion eats livestock they compensate the farmers and then go a head and KILL the Lion.

Phew!! The stupidity of some people can only be measured in tonnage

I’m not about to suggest we go full retard and kill all animals, but we all kill and eat animals. Fuck lions. Do people rant about murders the same way they rant about the lion?

Im yet to find a society where murder is acceptable or even tolerated. Unfortunately murder occurs more often due to the more frequent human to human relations/dealings and has many motivations. This is not to say its any lesser evil. Both are perpetrated by truly evil minds. As always the motive is key. Had he killed the lion because it was attacking people or their animals, we would have aplauded him. People kill animals for food yes. Thats reasonable. And mostly its within a sustainable set up as most of those animals can be reared and multiply within a short time.

For someone who had his cows slashed malciously just the other day, its difficult to fathom a stupid comment as made by you @aviator . You deserve a coil in your brains

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