Cecil, the Dentist and What I Have Always Said

For as long as I live, I will always say that there is something really, really wrong and scary with the mind of the White man. Today, pe0ple of European extraction like to project themselves as the most civilised human beings, but you only need to dwelve in to history to see these guys for what they are - the basest, most evil sub-human devils there has ever been.

Cecil the Lion is just a case in point. I mean,WHAT NORMAL AND RIGHT-THINKING MAN/WOMAN flies hundreds of kilometres, sitting all those hours on the plane and enduring plastic food, to shoot down a lion that poses no danger to anybody? Unless you are a complete pyscho, what thrill do you get shooting the magnificent animal with a bow to watch it suffer for 40 hours? WHO KILLS ANYTHING FOR FUN (all Kenyans I meet say they’d rather crash their valued cars than run over strays…)

Then, MUCH LIKE ISIS, you behead it and skin it? REALLY? LIKE, REALLY? That can be fun or sport?

I like pointing to people who have swallowed White propaganda that virtually ALL global communities coexisted with their fauna and flora - until the White man checked in. That’s why in 1900 Kenya had 150,000 elephants and more than 30,000 lions. We only hunted what was food - antelopes, the odd buffalo and a few birds. In Kikuyu culture, for example, just the cutting down of some trees was prohibited. Ditto all Kenyan cultures.

In North and South America, Australia and some parts of Africa, the White man did not even make a distinction between the animals and humans - they were all fair game. The Native Americans almost got extinct, and the aborigines too. AND DID YOU KNOW LEOPOLD II, WHO IS VENERATED IN BELGIUM KILLED 10 MILLION CONGOLESE (a half of the population) around 1900? Of course, you only hear of Hitler…in Belgium they have libraries and museums named after Leopold!

(And am not even mentioning small-time gencides like in Namibia, South Africa, Amritsar (India), on-going Black shootings, Algeria (4 million dead), Kenya (300,000 dead in war of independence, thousands more in Kisii, Nandi, Ukambani, Taita etc etc around 1900), etc etc

And you know what? The indigenous communities which were being decimated had initially welcomed the “pale” visitors, like in Jamestown, giving them food just like Waiyaki did in Dagoretti. Kumbe you are feeding the devil himself. He gets stronger and devours you.

The Internet backlash from Whites outraged by the Cecil murder should not kid you that this evil, evil murderous race has evolved enough. Just think of Bush and Blair. They started needless wars that have killed MILLIONS.

Think of Libya, until the other day Africa’s most developed country, destroyed by White bombs.

I wish a virus could simply eradicate the White race. It is vile and evil. No other race kills so easily, to the extent that today in the US there is a mass shooting every other week (to contrast, I can’t remember a Kenyan kid carrying a panga to school to kill his classmates!). While, to be fair, the majority seem quite normal, the number of White psychos seems inordinately higher than in all the other racesput together, despite the fact Whites make less 20 per cent of global population. You dont hear of theatre shootings from China and India, do you for example?

And tragically, BECAUSE PSYCHOS GENERALLY ARE MORE INTELLIGENT AND MORE SOCIALLY UPWARD MOBILE, White societies with their higher number of psychos continue to be led by more than their fair share of war-like criminals like Cheney, Salkozy, Berlosccuni, Bush and Wolfowitz than most other societies

Am no racist, but say what you may. THESE PEOPLE ARE PURE, UNALDURATED EVIL.


When all your basic needs are satisfied, you will look for something else to hunger for. Dis’ white nicca probably tried everything else for excitement before he settled for hunting … prostitutes (female, male and otherwise lol), drugs, bondage, etc


AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I just realized that as a dentist, he has access to lots and LOTS of unconscious patients! Can you imagine the things he’s done while they were out? Went in for a tooth canal, came out with a sore backside… eeeek!


in the turn of the century the white man came to Africa preaching peace and holding a bible, we all know what happened a few years later
as Jomo said
When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.


Hold on, just hold it right there good sir. When a white person does something despicable, they’re to be judged as an individual. Their actions in no way reflect the actions of all white people. Generalizations are only to be applied to members of the other races, especially negroes.


and muslims


and sticky gooey in the space?

Good post @FieldMarshal CouchP

Titties, I want to go hunting in your bush. I wont wait 40 hours to kill your needs…

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Now if only there was a way to mix momos into this narrative in order to get the likes of uwesmake invested. We need their energy.

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That dentist needs to be ‘detoothed’. These are the kind of people who think of Africa as a freebies market-go pick what you want and bounce away, no questions. Our African heritage, wildlife, minerals, vibrant culture and values shouldn’t be messed with while we watch. Nooo! They should resurrect their own wildlife that they made extinct and play and goof with it. Hatutaki upuus.

Unfortunately these are the kind of people that we worship. They get involved in some weird deeds and we celebrate them and keep believing that nothing good can ever come from Africa

these things happen all over southern africa, where you can buy a hunting permit to kill animals for fun only difference is apparently this one was famous, if it had been a common mwananchi animal haingemake to the news

Don’t blame that whiteman, blame those blacks who sold him a permit to go kill animals in their own country. Similar thing was about to happen in TZ whereby Jakaya’s govt wanted to evict maasais from their ancestral land and lease it to a safari company in UAE so that the Sheikhs could be visiting TZ for the purpose of hunting wild game. Here in Kenya, we are smuggling lions and cheetahs to the oil rich middle eastern countries i.e kuwait, qatar, saudi, uae

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If interested, here you can sign a petition:


Can you please elaborate about the smuggling of Kenyan wildlife or withdraw?

Yes, our big cats are being smuggled to the oil rich middle eastern countries. Have you not seen pics and videos online of arabs driving their big expensive cars with either a lion or cheetah inside??? kwani unafikiria this animals zinatoka wapi??? KENYA and they are smuggled via Yemen then from their they find their way to Kuwait, UAE, Qatar e.t.c and especially cubs are being smuggled alot. Other animals being smuggled is the african painted dog

Let’s avoid generalizations, please. Collective judgment of groups of people leads to stereotyping - the same stereotyping that we (Africans) are trying to avoid as much as possible.

Let’s not forget Africans have killed Africans through civil wars and ethnic strife. Who remembers PEV? What’s happening in Burundi? What’s happening in South Sudan? What happened in Darfur a few years ago? What happened in Rwanda a decade ago?

Regarding ‘legal’ poaching, I think it’s just wrong. I have seen people argue that wildlife populations around Central and South of Africa have continued to increase despite ‘legal’ poaching, but I’m not convinced.

One lesson I’ve learnt in all this saga is that I’d rather be a lion in my next life instead of being a random nigga. If I get killed, white people will go nuts for me.