Cctvs Wholesale suppliers Leads

Vipi wadau , where can I get different cctvs brands in Nairobi at wholesale prices.? Any leads will be appreciated …

Fika Luthuli, Sheikh Karume, Kamae rds pando shops za upstairs and compare prices.

Call ProSec Systems 0721 250846

if you require a huge buy, I recently discovered Alibaba through this forum, saved me some money when buying gypsium boards for interior, almost 25%. so ingia huko.

Ukikosa kwa izo streets, OP ingia Nyamakima

Ukichoka na the cheap Chinese cameras and your clients start demanding quality cameras with no risk of spying, rushia mimi email.

I import them from South Korea.

Thanks will check them out ,

Thanks for your input will consider this option as well .

Hello can you supply at wholesale prices ? also do you deal with specific brands or you got a variety ? Also kindly let me know whether you got a physical shop where you supply from . will definitely link up with you for business .

Sande Sana Omwami. Sisi napatia wewe na bei mzuri ya wholesale, ukileta biashara vizuri, wewe napata bei ya distributor.

How many units are you looking for and what specs? I ask because different manufacturers have different strengths and we are in the unique position of dealing with the top three from SK.

We supply from Nairobi to across East Africa. No physical shop. Leta your order sheet and I’ll be happy to show you why people are fast quitting the Chinese brands.