which is the best package to install on a premise with around 26 cameras

Premises. Premise si nyumba.

What is he asking?

And what does he even mean by “best package”?

I think he means the premises he wants monitored has 26 camera positions so he’s asking about the installation and infrastructure he needs to support that.

Something close to HIK Vision but the price iwe ya Dahua

Sasa wewe na wewe una wade in ukijiongelesha?

thats what i mean

Has he done the site survey yet?

Go on line and check the available 32 channels DVRs and cameras. Then you inbox me I come I install for you at ksh2000. 00 per camera

Ako hapa tu atajibu.

some manager of a hosi… approached me to do the installation and its my first time so am actually seeking for some tips

why not subcontract someone who is knowledgeable in the same, and learn as they do it, that way you will have better experience for your next job.

Please nipe kazi kitunguu inuke pia .I have some Hikvision IP cameras 2 MP with H265 support for a lean bandwidth use .

Wacha kumuongelesha Greek?

Na vile nimejaribu

si unaona vile ameuliza yeye ni lay kabisa kama mimi ni vile tu ameitiwa kazi na uncle yake supply chain manager?

utacharge mimi ngapi for the service… alafu which is the best dvr or nvr

*the best 32 channel nvr/dvr

How big is the “premise” ? I am sure kuna plan ya premise so twanga picha post hapa and then we discuss the points of interest .