Has anyone here connected CCTV’s on a TV that is not on the same network.

Say, nataka kuona CCTV za Machakos shop nikiwa Karatina kwa home TV sipping my medusa polepole.

On both ends i have Internet and everything setup, i can also access the same via phone app-Hikconnect.

What do i need to achieve this?

Uko Karatina pande gani?

Maybe use screen mirroring App on your smart TV and phone. If both the phone and the tv are using the same Wi-Fi then you are good to go.

Why don’t you connect it to your phone. That’s better. You can monitor it from anywhere in the world.

If you have Android smart TV and the DVR/NVR is Hikvision or Hilook you can download the Ezviz app on your TV and login .

Thanks, let me try this.

Though I don’t have an Android TV, i can connect an Android box.