CCNA and other IT certifications.

I’m looking for a college where I can learn CCNA, MCSA etc.
Somewhere I’ll actually get some technical hands-on training not just do everything virtually.
And I don’t want one of those online or video classes like Techno Brain has.

Go to IAT or Computer pride if in Nairobi. Area zingine sijui.

Thanks, what do you know about Computer Pride? I’ve actually done a few courses at IAT and felt that their instructors weren’t thorough at all.
I know with this stuff you have to put in hours out of class but I don’t want a situation where the bulk of my learning is at home. I’d rather just enroll in Udemy or Cybrary instead of paying for a barebones class.

For CCNA go to an authorized Cisco academy like the ones in Strathmore, KU, UoN or AFRALTI.

Fanya cisco tafuta kazi county upate pesa…

IAT and KU…got my certifications there back in the day

I found AFRALTI pretty sufficient in terms of study material, lecturers’ availability, and course coverage.

As a satisfied customer, I recommend it.

Kaka the backbone of all programming ni coffee na commitment, achana na kutafuta class. All appliances can be made virtual kwa machine. Learn on your own . … Maliza hio CCNA and pay exam kitu 295 Dollars. Uko Certified

It’s better to read for self than to pay a storyteller who will read those notes for you vile tu ungejisomea. Ukishindwa na kitu enda pale YouTube. Thank your pocket later

IAT instructors weren’t thorough? Okay, i guess their quality went down. I did Microsoft MCSE courses waaay back in the day, and was very impressed.
I took some SQL server courses at Computer pride back in 2015, and found them to be quite okay.

What certifications can a system/software analyst do?

doing ccna at zetech,virtually

Did you have to sit for CISCO exams after completing your exams and course in these centers?

Are those certs all you need to get a job??

Uliget job after kumaliza??Related to CCNA that is.

Also have a degree in engineering n comp sc

Yeah Nikona EEE

Niko juja so nikipata certs hapo jkuat Niko sorted??


Was lucky enough to be involved in building fibre networks for Safaricom and Zuku … it’s a very good skill to have :slight_smile: … and fun too.

Nikipata certs za jkuat nitakuwa sorted??