cc Deorro and Co.

First thanks for giving us this village, it has been a source of inspiration and knowledge.
I know you are like a god here with powers to decide who stays and who leaves also able to elevate simple truck drivers to village chief status.

I want the title of " village sponsor "
Why? You may ask. Before you give me that bs that my contributions do not afford me the title, bear in mind that I joined this village in 2015.

Secondly am tiered of being classified as a “village elder” in the same pool with other low lifes in this village. Nut heads like @cotedevoir and @ musa, faggots like @Notapeoplesguy, bhang smoking touts like @Mixael, she males like@FP and pure morons like@ kendezmendez. Name them.

Am a progressive person and I want to dine with elites like makanika introvert, @ uwesmake, as he narrates how he manages with the drug resistant STDs, mzee gashwin as he tells us how he moved from being a colonial home guard to a primary school head and other sponsors.

So angalia hiyo maneno.

The rant seems watertight

@Deorro piga huyu mstari,ametusi wazee bana

Deorro tomba hii malaya mkundu and pay him with what he wants. Najua hawezi kata. Na usiwahi ni mention tena Meffi Mbwa.

Ooooouch! That hurts
No hard feelings bru

oya @Purple ebu deal with this report

@Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi @old monk wazito Game ya Manchester United tunaona pub gani? Drinks on Me

Why are you referring me to a female mod, are you trying to say my rant is “womanish” yaani ni umama, or you are having a male only orgy with your fellow mods?

Usinikasirishe, niweke sponsor teketeke.


Hiyo mvua inaisha lini


are you discriminating a mod because of her gender? wacha nikurudishe hadi New Villager, utajua haujui

How do I bookmark a thread? Only my replies seem to have the option

if on mobile change your screen orientation to landscape mode and the bookmark option will appear

I asked Deorro the same question 2 weeks ago. Yall need to consider a new title , somewhere between a VS and VE. Some people move up from NV to VE in hours.

Did you just assume her gender? :eek:

Chukua hii title yangu ya sponsor ,hainisaidii.

On the titles issue, we asked members here for their input You joined the site in 2015 so you cannot say that you missed that thread. Going through the thread, I did not see your opinion but other talkers gave theirs. Do you still want to blame us?

Based on the replies Ktalkers gave we created the new ranks after VE
just gone through that post and I did not see your opinion. work hard like the rest and you will get there

alisema nina cartel ya kunipatia likes…


I think what whomever meant is people ‘like’ a post sometimes purely because it was posted by a particular handle (like yours).

Wewe tunakujua ulileta chinku bots to like your comments