CBS Revives Person Of Interest

[SIZE=7]CBS Revives Person Of Interest Along With The Big Bang Theory[/SIZE] DKODING Studio
CBS audiences could never let go of Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory.
CBS has planned to quench their thirst by rebooting Person of Interest for season 6 and its longest-running series-The Big Bang Theory for season 13.

With fans across the globe sitting at home and spending more time on TV, the CBS network has seized the opportunity by rebooting the blockbuster series Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory for season 6 and season 13 respectively.

Strange reasons for CBS behind reviving Person of Interest andThe Big Bang Theory
Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence and germs are selling like hotcakes these days. As per CBS, germs are bringing back The Big Bang Theory and the grumpy Sheldon Cooper on screen.
Artificial Intelligence continues to remain the muse of today’s generation. We are still a novice to the nuances of AI and machine ethics, but Person of Interest is not. The show is familiar with the intricacies of complex ethical questions inherent in the use of artificial intelligence.
CBS is rebooting Person of Interest for season 6 for its obvious appeal. Its central cast includes three wise-cracking assassins with good looks and hearts of gold. The spiralling and frantic storylines allow them to be pulpy and visceral.

Why the time is ripe for Person of Interest season 6
According to the New York Times, “Person of Interest has no superheroes, no zombies, no ninjas, and no dire wolves. But as much as any show on television, it makes the high-low connection that’s at the heart of the genre and comic-book storytelling”.
The right to privacy is an obvious concern these days. When Facebook traded our personal data to a firm called ‘Cambridge Analytica’, millions around the globe were left infuriated. Fear of sentient computers, with the fear of unfettered, post-9/11 government surveillance has been sufficiently sturdy and coherent to provide ballast for the comic-book action.
The sixth season of Person of Interest will push the conceptual framework hard. The present time is absolutely ripe for the crime predicting an artificial intelligence program called “Machine” to depict ab existential risk that the world can’t afford.

Thirteen to turn lucky for The Big Bang Theory season 13
CBS knows very well that when it comes to Big Bang, superstitions are always proved wrong. Number 13, which is widely considered an unlucky number doesn’t apply in case of The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons, who initially rejected a whooping sum to do The Big Bang Theory season 13, is also on board.

Official information about reviving Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory
CBS is relying on Person of Interest season 6 and The Big Bang Theory season 13 to turn around the revenues for the network. The TV networks earn from the advertisements. The Covid-19 lockdown has caused massive fall in revenues for these channels.

finally. the beast is back
all hail, “The Machine”
“Samaritan” we are coming for you


you’re being watched…


I missed Person of Interest…damn.

I. Miss root

love how we hated her at the beginning and towards the end, she becomes a favorite.

but its either the series was ahead of its time, or got canceled before its time.
we are in the age of AI and government spying and also hackers,

Now am happy…my best,all time tv show.I have been watching and rewatching every season every week.And still I aint bored.Naona hii corona imeleta mazuri.Some tv shows will be revived like naona Agents of shield imerudi.Ubaya ni after corona wataclose tena

Hebu nipe link ya mahali wamesema wanairevive. I need to read it myself.


haa hii site siamini…anyway wangapi tulisig ile petition ya kuirudisha

ata hii naona kaa ni attempt ya CBS kuona reaction ya watu am ni msee anataka wasee wachangamke waseme irudishwe.
Netflix wanafaa wairudishe

i loved the series too much , but sikumaliza , every episode nikama movie …epic !

ending ni sad but we icheki tu,
hope irudishwe maze. iliisha too soon.

But looking at current trends chances are hio reboot will be ruined.

wataanza kueka charcters wengi ndio wafit type zote: black, asian, women, gay, transgender

And chances are a woman atafanywa awe lead while the men wanakaliwa. Gays ni must watawekwa.