CBK ORDER, Be informed

People are talking about cash outside banks as if it is a secret issue. CBK reports all the time about the exact amount of cash in circulation outside banks. Look at the table below and see that there is no surge in such during Jubilee reign to warrant this demonetisation craze.

Any attempt to demonetise old currency is sensational and unconstitutional. It will achieve nothing as far as fighting corruption is concerned.

Remember that those who looted money gave themselves a three year amnesty to bring the dollars back into the country without any questions asked. So far they have returned one trillion shillings from abroad.

This idea that stolen money is held by people in sacks is quite simplistic. If there are people holding stolen money in cash most likely it is in dollars.


pull sheet,uliza muhindi wowote akuambie vile kulienda kwao


Na kwani si ni wahindi?

i was going to explain but sitaki uone nikama nakutusi.


Takataka wewe! People are hiding money in bunkers coz they’re fearing to take it to banks since it will sell them out. Especially watu wa county government. Labda useme wewe ni mmoja wao.

Everyone is a critic


Monday, sisi hao, na certificate of urgency hapo milimani - quash that gazette notice chieth. Old currency na new ziwe in circulation sambamba.