CBK mopped up Kshs. 35 billion yesterday to defend the shilling.


Airtel should just forget about Kenyan market.
20 years later and so many management and name changes, and are still making losses? They had a chance to completely kill safaricom (which was then linked to defunct KPTC), but they blew it soo bad.

Fools only targeted the rich during that time when they were known as kencell. They were very expensive I say. Meanwhile safariCom was very cheap courtesy of Michael Joseph. I’m sure those then Indians regretted a lot

Their network coverage was ahead but targeting the top market & per minute billing was their undoing then came MPESA that drove the last nail of their coffin

When people started buying mobiles, there were more landlines than mobile phones. More calls would be made from mobiles phones to landlines than the other way round. Safaricom, then part of TelKom, made sure that calls between Safaricom and landlines were much cheaper than those between Kencell and landlines. Most people preferred safaricom in cases where one needed to call landlines.

once Kenyans (consumers) wamekukataa, it is over. Ask yu, uchumu, nakumatt et al.

They can’t defend the shilling any more. The more the government borrows, the more it drops. I am seeing here ksh 115 very soon.