causes of death in africa.i told you number one si joke

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Cancer iko wapi?

Wapi ujinga?

Is it per year? Which year was this?

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Those are numbers in 2012. What are the numbers in 2017 or 2018.

True, 2012 data is very old…a lot has changed

Extrapolate ninja extrapolate

Source WHO 2012. NGUI

between blood dyscrasias and ebola

[ATTACH=full]278595[/ATTACH]2019 .

haina haja ya matusi old monkey .data is always right .this is serious issue not sabina joy even the one have posted above is for 2019.its simple extrapolation

Actually, ujinga is the leading cause.

This is still 2012

Don’t use words in your comments if you don’t understand what they mean. How can you extrapolate using data set for one year. Where is 2017/18 or years before 2007/8. Statisticians who know what they are doing use a minimum of 3 data points.

The latest causes of death in Africa data was last published in 2017 .so much has changed but there is little variations between data released in 2012 and 2017 that’s y I have said extrapolate. Error of course will be +2 or -2