Greetings catholics am not a very christian guy just coz i was forced to attend both sunday school and main service by mom for over 9 years and they were boring as phuck except for the worship party which i loved , and i missed SINBIRD on KBC coz the preacher would yap from ten to 3pm .

Back to the main story The dead peacemaker Bishop Korir of Eldoret RIP went to heaven the other day leo nimefika nyumbani and watched on NTV news that the bishop is going to be buried inside the church WTF kwani yeye ni mungu ? . what is the reason behnd burring him inside the church , i get a demonic angle behind this . if its a saint yes kiasi but still we as africans banaa burying someone inside the house is unacceptable . and i have always associated the catholic church with some dirty demonic stuff like i remember nikiwa mtoi mum always said the cathos dont believe in Jesus or something like that . ati hold prayers at the tomb how do you pray to the dead thats demonic . @Liberty kindly redeem yourself and break the theory down behind behind burring someone inside the church .

Am a protestant by the way , when i go to church

bonjour coureur de jupons

Yaani huu mse hajaenda Netherlands bado.

niko na 4 months kuamua

bonjuor meffi chieth

How can one be employed in Netherlands and he can’t even speak a word in Dutch? Ktalkers nyinyi ubebwa ujinga at times.

some of us dont need to go to a boarding school for 5 years like you to know how to drive

Watafunika vizuri asinuke;). By the way bishoo is just an adminstration post tu kama governor, not spiritual in any way.

White folks come here yet they can’t speak a word of Swa. So your argument is moot.

Secondly, whether uwesmake is lying or not, ok. Doesn’t change the pH of water you know…

so mbona azikwe church banaaaa hata unaeza ogopa kuingia church

la jalousie va te tuer


Bonjour semeji


MERCI ni wewe

Remember our official language is English. This fella claims he is supposed to work in a bank… A bank in Netherlands where all customers speak Dutch. Show me a bank in Kenya with a jungu employee?

Mimi nlikua altar boy but after kuona priest akikamua sister kwa office nlitoka huko. priest alikua bukusu sister mkisii

Kwani ni ghost??? :D:D:D

Do you know that other than England, the Dutch are the best English-speaking nation followed by the Scandinavians? So it’s not improbable.

Equity bank has a jungu in their rank and file. I can’t pretend to know who works in which bank. Uwes hasn’t mentioned the position he’s going to be filling. Then again, they wouldn’t consider him if they didn’t value his skills and language was a barrier.

I have a Luhya pal who works in Hungary. It’s not impossible :slight_smile:

Kwa mwangi pale upperhill mimi huona machinku !