Catholics say Jesus was white.

Some Kenyans still believe that Jesus was white. I haven’t believed that lie in more than a decade.
What do you believe?

2000 yrs from now, people will be worshiping jehovah wanyonyi


It doesnt matter if He was black, white or green. What matters is what He taught.

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I find it interesting that the Vatican which spends millions pursuing the truth still has paintings done which depicts a white Jesus. Why haven’t they stopped pushing that falsehood?


Michael Jackson taught us this. Bless him.



how does it matter what colour he was. He is just a jew who got killed for bad mouthing the powers that be 2000 years ago. We have many people here in kenya who have died for similar reasons. JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Matakwei Kirui Komon are some. Someone said that such characters are equivalent of santa claus for lack of a better example.

Am not abt to spend my whole life praising dead people.

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Did that guy even exist?


I think he existed, but alikuwa q charismatic mwenda wazimu who was able to attract a following. Sober jews did not buy his bull, thats interesting because if his miracles were real its the jews who would have been first to convert.
mniambie kama new testament doesn’t deserve a HOYA,

  1. virgin birth, that john guy ni mjinga kama ins, aliingizwa ufalafala
  2. turned water to wine
  3. walked on water
  4. multiplied fish and bread into thousands

story za kabuda mnaitisha evidence lakini hizi zilizo shinda HOYA awards 2000yrs ago mnameza na moyo moja, acheni jokes!


I don’t think he did. Had this discussion here a while back so I won’t go in to that again.

He was a Jew…

The current picture of ‘Jesus’ you normally see in churches is that of Cesare Borgia, the son of one of the most corrupt and evil popes, in history,
Rodrigo Borgia aka Pope Alexander VI.

So that portrait came around the time of Shakespeare?

Yeah. Slightly before though in medieval times and this was done to make Christianity more acceptable to European pagans.