catholic bishops and tetanus vaccine

Catholic Bishops claiming that the anti tetanus vaccine given to women is an attempt by the government to subject Kenyan women to automatic family planning should know and accept the following realities before creating unnecessary fear on Kenyans;
[li]Jesus whom they claim to be serving never worked on rumours, if they have any evidence clearly showing the presence of a chemical or a medical factor likely to cause inactiveness of the reproductive system, temporarily or permanently, let them bring it forward.[/li][li]Talking about family planning, for what reason on earth do they want others to fully discharge their procreation responsibility if the Bishops and the priests observing the Roman Catholicism traditions are busy rationing their sperms?[/li][li]As far as the church has the authority to criticise and appreciate the government, this doesn’t give an avenue for folly and reckless statements that might disorient a positive initiative and create unfavourable response on the side of the people.[/li][/ol]

There’s no smoke without fire, something smells fishy about this, first of all tetanus is not an epidemic to require a nationwide campaign.Secondly why wont the government come out clear and defend itself.