Cate Waruguru is back...


& h2o is wet

Another woman I wouldn’t mind smashing.

Hana musimamo, akae outside until she gets cleansed

Kapsaa. WSR needs to watch TukoTalks clip where she ‘revealed’ how she operates politically. Yo yo yo and yo some more Waruguru. And help yourself to hubbies za wenyewe as you go along.
She might jump back to Jubilee a few months down the road.


Huyu madam atengeze chama inaitwa flipflop

Alipoenda muhahe jubilee, alikuwa ameskiza nani? Because ‘her supporters’ were always on the other side.

anyway, these are the flip floppers who believed in murathes chest thumping about deep state’s power of whipping people into line. Now that they have seen that the promised roar is nothing but a cat’s meaw, the rats are deserting the sinking ship.

Yaani ni ukunguru hadi kwa ngafment?
Hii waruguru nikawa na yeye room moja alafu token zikatike…

ha ha halafu after hii flip flopping yote Ruto akuwe opposition…:D.
Ni kama njenga Karume 2002, aborted his support for Kibaki after being on his side from 1992, kisa na maana… mama ngina called him to his
home and emotionally started reminding Njenga karume of the good old days and the friendship with Jomo.

Right now is not a good time to shift to Ruto’s side esp if you have been very vocal on kieleweke side from Mt Kenya,
there are already many busy bodies around Ruto. A wise politician would have
1.moved earlier or
2.waited to see what the other side of the coalition will bring up or
3.started building some noise around independent thinking(Study how Kiraitu murungi plays his politics.)

Ruto is headed to opposition. He will be just a nobody. Hii bibiyai ana pinga ndio itapeleka yeye sugoi.

Kwanini wewe na @Circledot huwa hamkuji pale Sex and Relationships sekshen?

Its too easy how they are defecting. They are spies.


Confused biatch. Wakiwa na deddy laikipia east warushwe nje

Cate Warukunguru ni bure kabisa

Wakale walishasherehekea unless haujali kusalimiana

Whatever happens in 2022 wont affect Ruto or Raila. These guyz will still be milking the country dry.

She is no different from her many male counterparts seeking political relevance and pecuniary benefit from WSR.