Cat is Out of the Bag; Yaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnn - We Knew it All Along!

NASA leader Raila Odinga said on Tuesday he wants an interim government to run the country for six months while the constitution is reviewed to curb President Uhuru Kenyatta’s authority.

“A pure presidential system enhances ethnicity because each community believes that they are not safe unless their man is at the top,” Raila said in the interview in his office.

“We had a new constitution that we enacted in 2010; we think that now it is time to revisit it,” he said. “We think that [SIZE=6]maybe[/SIZE] six months will be required to carry out all these changes that we need in this country.”

It was the search of nusu-mkate all along. The operative word in the above story is 'MAYBE". Remember the story of the camel? Once you alllow it to put its head in, then it will be one more leg, the hump, etc etc. Six months will become one year, then two years, then all five years.

But check out the comments below that story.

Look at the wall it screams RWNBEP!!!

“A pure presidential system enhances ethnicity because each community believes that they are not safe unless their man is at the top,” Raila said in the interview in his office."
No problem guka, we can review the katiba to change it to parliamentary all day everyday. But this is what is going to happen; Since the Prime Minister/leader of government or whatever name we shall give him (remember how we changed Kibera to Kibra) will come from the party with majority in the National Assembly, Team Thuraku will kumira kumira once again and vote to a man and have a majority then our man will be at the helm. Then General Kendez will continue yapping like he always does.
What am I saying? It is a vicious cycle, so bring it on!

Huyu tulimwonea 18 ya upande wake

Let him be.
The man is just trying to save face.
It is not easy to go down as the man who lost twice in an year, to a boy 20 years his junior.
And with a bigger margin in the re-run.
Ni kama kuitisha remark then unaanguka zaidi. traumatising.

He wants to revisit it when it doesn’t suit him. Neeeeeeeeeeeext!

Apati ngo… Retirement is here. Lost twice, winner takes all. orengo convinced him that the irregular withdrawal at the rerun elections will force it to be postponed. It didn’t happen. akombe thought if she resigns the commission will halt and chebukati will resign as well. They worked remarkably well without her and chebukati changed his mind once the election amendment bill was passed by parliament that nullified his future resignation as useless. Now the SC has to deal with quorum issues and a recently passed Elections Laws nullifies all the avenues for declaring it null and void. Basically he was done on 8/8 and thanks to his massively bad utterances, threats, orchestrated violence, attempted corporate blackmails and threats to succeed he has burnt the last goodwill he had that would make him a player in 2022.

LOL. aki campaingnia the 2010 constitushen alikua ameweka akili flight mode???
wait, he thought Obako would leave him the seat come 2013 so a pure presidential system was all good.
halafu kuna watu who still follow this duplicitous character for the good of Kenya.
when the jokes write themselves, I have to laugh :D:D:D:D:D:D

Guys, just look at the comments below that article. Kenyans are fed up with Raila. Only in his home region are people taking him seriously.

Let him exploit the avenues provided in the constitution. Hio ingine ni yake.

Kuna uzi mahali umemalizwa kumalizwa; tafuta jeshi ya mzee muanguke huko

Trust me even in his home region guys are fed up…they just cannot say it out loud for fear of being called traitors…It is quite sad really.

I lead others follow. I choose whom to engage and whom to ignore. Having the right company and mindsets around you shapes your mind, thoughts and actions. I choose not to wrestle the pigs as I’m not used to the mud. Ignore as well don’t go to that dark pit of hate and bile. Let’s it consume them alone. Think and do positive things.

I trusr what u say. I have no doubt whatsoever.

They also need to make up their minds whether it is six months or uchaguzi by Feb

Na kwani huku The Star hakuna Team UOTP?

It’s NOT just The Star. Read the comments in the Nasa-leaning Standard.

I am starting to truly believe Raila is finished. People are just fed up with him.

A desperate man is a very dangerous man, and the saddest bit is he’s always a danger to himself and those very close to him. Orengo had promised years back to destroy RAT, I see he never forgot that promise

  1. Wasn’t Rao the one who supported this new constitution with a presidential system because he thought he would win in 2013 and opposed fixing the issues in the constitution, saying they will be fixed later?
  2. Why dint he think of coming up with this changes to the constitution before he lost the elections?
  3. Is he threatening violene? “Odinga told Reuters in an interview that he was open to talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta over a constitutional review aimed at lowering the risk of violence from minority groups who feel excluded from power.”

wewe ndio umbwa muzee talkers ate tired of