cat burnt

A cat that was causing disturbance in the neighborhood was caught beaten doused in kerosene and set ablaze[ATTACH=full]350003[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]350004[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]350006[/ATTACH]The 9 lives were all gone

What kind of disturbance?

Ma activist wa ma right za Wanyama wakute ukifanya ivo utaona moto.

who the hell does this !!!

Mtu mwenye alikuja na kanyama alafu paka ikaamua liwe liwalo, paka huwa na tutabia funny sana

I understand killing a stubborn cat esp if it eats chicks etc but burning the thing is just sick !

Ocha we used to toss them in a sack with a heavy rock, walk to the river and voila… Problem solved.

One day I burnt my old man’s stock ya maize stalks fodder worth kama ya 6 months…while trying to burn a rat…nilipigwa kama mwisi hio wiki yote…na mom,dad ,shosh hata Babu yangu bana

Kwani @kush yule mnono ako area?

This is what you should do to your politicians not a poor defenseless animal. Bloody savages!

Stray dogs and cats can be real nuisance.

They can be dispatched without the cruelty , hata nyoka siwezi choma ikiwa hai !

People burn human thieves,sembuse paka.Blame it on the cat,they are such elusive creatures,how was it caught?

Hizi vitu sazingine husumbua, kwanza zile jangili …

Someone threw omena on the ground and waited with a long pipe as soon as it started eating it was knocked out with a blow to the head ,kerosene quickly poured on it and set alight

Eating chickens ,overturning dumpsters and scattering garbage

What a painful way to must have caused the fella who baited it a lot of pain.
You must be that guy

Zingine apa kwa Abdul, zilibinjania juu ya sunroof ya moti yangu alaf zikadondoa njoti kwa glass. Kutoa ilikuwa noma ni kama gorilla glue

@pakashume pakashume is dead.

Bonobos love doing this shit. Ever notice how village/slum dwellers particularly kids go out of their way to hurt domestic animals? A cat or dog is just minding its own business then BAM! Hit with a rock or chased away for no reason. I am yet to meet a civilised person who enjoys hurting animals.