Cartoons nowadays

So I was with my nephew and he was browsing YT for cartoons, so I hear fuck you and son of a beach. I’m like did I just hear cuss words in a cartoon being watched by a 5yr old? So later we go play football and when I score a goal the child says feg you. Then there’s these cartoons that look very spooky you wonder how apropos they are for kids. Sijui long horse cartoon dog and cat which has alot of violence like a video game. What happened to Scooby Doo? These cartoons are too adult nowadays.

Some cartoons are made to deliberately familiarize children with evil via subliminal messages and images.
There is a YT video made for this topic and it shows you all the evil stuff that is in popular seemingly innocent childrens cartoons.
20 Hidden Messages In Cartoons That Probably Made You The Messed-Up Person You Are Tod

the old cartoons/shows/music… all had vulgar language in them. just that they didn’t openly show them but used hidden messages/codes/phrases …

but children arent safe from any information out there from Cartoons, social media, storybooks, textbooks, even their own parents.
it’s very tricky to bring up a child since it’s very hard to shield them from everything.

but one day, all those vulgar languages and behaviours will be normalized and will be the norm. so we might just have to embrace them

How do you embrace a 5 yr old kid shouting fug you. My friend opted to keep their kids away from all devices

by turning a blind eye. there is no other way out.
hope all goes well for your friend coz if the kids interact with other kids, they’ll pick up habits from them. the kids might also start wanting to spend most times outdoor, where they’ll be sneaking to other kid’s homes to use the devices.
and parental control or age restriction isn’t working nowadays, the explicit sites/content now hide in ads where you click to skip/remove and they redirect you to overage content.

You can try to shield them.

and hope for the best.

There is also very innocent looking children’s content that redirects children to adult sites.

There are people out there who’s agenda is to corrupt kids

some are geared to the adult population who grew up loving cartoons, if you cared to check, they have PG ratings etc

also, there’s the PC libtards who infiltrate every industry and wuss out everything. I’d rather rated content than one coming from these bastards. they pretend the world is a foam of fluffy rainbows

There’s nothing you can do. The more you shield them, the more they hide from you. Just teach them what is right and wrong. That’s way they can talk to you freely about what they see and here. Don’t hide stuff from kids, especially what other kids are openly accessing. If it’s computers, you can periodically check the tracking history.

But my dear, we grew up being shielded and it assisted us to get to an age where we could make our own decisions. You can not expect a child who is 5 yrs old to decide for themselves what is right and wrong, bcz you told them or taught them. Do you know the kind of Predators online nowadays? Lemme get you a few stories of how teens commit suicide after being lured online by pedophiles. Internet is very dangerous and you must monitor your child’s internet activity 24 '7

Different era. Shielding is fine. Over shielding is counterproductive. You can shield all you want and monitor them but they can always watch it at the neighbors, or classmate, or friend. More important is to teach them what’s right and wrong. Give them access to systems you trust.

Go to and find things that the child can watch and then download them and then store them in an offline PC. It is not advisable for children to use the internet.
I recommend cartoons from the 90s like Teen Titans and Static Shock.

First parents should stop assuming all cartoons are for kids. Always google the PG ratings of cartoons your kids are interested in.

Cartoons nowadays cannot be trusted. I would have to watch one first before allowing my ninjas anywhere near them. There is plenty of clean stuff for them to watch on line. With real kids and their parents. We gorra shield them as much as possible as this world is evil. Hapo mbele Mungu atatulinda kwa ile kitu inaitwa peer pressure. When I found my young resident teen nephew wanking, we had a chat about it later as I was so shaken. He told me he got the ‘material’ from his friends in school.:mad:We have to keep the communication channels v open.

Wah. My 5 years old nephew is like what da feg after every 2 seconds. I hope he won’t cuss his classmates out on Monday. Thank God school is back. Too much idleness isn’t good.