Cartoon Ya Gathara

He is good in choosing a subject matter that is hot on the trends, kile humsumbua ni skill, his cartoons are not very easy on the eye.


He tries. Credit to him. But Gado is miles aheaad.


@Dodi = Gado

@introvert = Gathara


the subject on this cartoon is a bit dated…few on this forum will understand…wapi
@msalame grace when you need her awekee watu history?


this guy ni fake wanabe cartoon zake hazina impact sa siku hizi ni straight to the business section

Si angeandika hio mwisho ingine Centum 2.0


True. Although the mercedes just came into the picture juzi

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@introvert a

Those two negroes are way beyond gathara meffi.

@vuja de= igah

Don’t we just love Jubilee?

its called caricature… not cartoon

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Wewe mjamaa wa turedio bado hujarekebisha prediction league

Kuna picha gado alichora ilikua explicit mambo mbaya sijui kama hio ndio ilifanya achujwe

Gathara is not as good as Gado… Mimi hapa hata stick figure ndio siweschora :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

What’s the work of the editor? Hmmm

I think it was not published jamaa ni talented

I don’t about you, but as a kid in primary Gado was always in page 6 daily. The cartoons were funny but couldn’t understand the sattire then. KJ was also another one, ungehata aje Sunday Nation. Bumper issue ilikuwa lazma kabla mwaka irukwe. Arap mashamba made a legend go juu ya mafeelings. Nkt

there’s no freedom without responsibility…you have the freedom to fart, but not when seated with family and guests…

Mara Ngapi Moi alichorwa? Never heard him going ballistic over some cartoon. Events happen today kesho iko, last to bring submissions for final print. How many knew Gado was a Tanzanian until Arap Mashamba alizusha. So petty.


how old were you when Madd first caricatured Moi?

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