Cars are expensive in Kenya

Base Trim pale Toyota Kenya starts @ $200,000
Meanwhile USA base trim ni $85,000

naingia sbt naona gari ata za 700$

But ukileta Kenya utapifanyiwa hesabu ifike $15000

Hehe… in US vitu kama Bentley ndio huanza 200k

Aaii wee, wacha uwongo boss. Tiida ni $2,100 na ukileta 254, total cost itakuwa $6220. 622k that is. Sasa $15000 inatoka wapi msee?

hapo umetuchocha kiasi but mimi hupiga bei na 3/4 of the price ndio niget estimate

Huyu msee ni kama hajui hizi vitu na hataki kuomba msaada aelezwe.

This tax issue is very strange, I would understand if the tax was meant to protect the new car market, but even new car dealers are complaining of the tax.
Personally I would prefer buying a new car, for obvious reasons, warranty and long run before repairs and ofcourse the ‘environment bit’.
Lakini gava imeamua to stick to colonial tax ways to keep cars as status symbols.

if you spend 160k on a car in japan you will end up with a bill of 600k. if you spend 800k you will end up with a bill of about 1.6m.
the reason the tax is so high is because peasants dont care. cars are out of range for them and they even start hauling insults when they hear one being mentioned. In developed countries people view cars as basic and if you implemented the tax as we have here you would have a revolution on your hands. the atrocity is with the small cars. money that could be used for meaningful investments is being channeled into purchasing deadweight. because people will buy cars regardless. even if it means taking 10 year loans. they will still buy and people will continue being poorer.

As i have always insisted, car age limits should be abolished. Chris Kirubi of Isuzu should be stop interfering with government policies. Awori of Toyota Kenya, a close friend of Uhuru, should stop influencing government policy

taking a 7 year loan to buy cars which can’t last 7 years, and incase of an accident hakuna kitu inaeza chomelewa, ni karatasi. All cars under 1500 cc should be banned in kenya.

hapa nakubaliana na wewe .

One attribute of insanity is the inability to comprehend reality

Actually, you’ll see that the locally assembled models (Land Cruiser 70 single cab pick-up and Hilux Single cab) are more reasonably priced. It is in line with automotive industry practice all over the world. Try buying an Audi in Japan and people will look at you like a nutcase, or a fool with whom his/ her money are parted quite easily. Though the Audi people hang out together for some odd reason.