Carry more than one condom with you

If you’re keeping a condom with you at all times for the time you might “get lucky”, please consider carrying MORE THAN ONE with you. if you actually do get yourself into the situation where you will need it, in most cases you will need more than one. For example, there is always the chance that you’ll unroll the condom on backwards. You cannot use it anymore (even if you try flipping it around the other way) as it is now contaminated, and you must use another one. Also, think about the multiple rounds of sex you could be having! If you only have one condom, you’re restricting you and your partner(s) to the opportunity of multiple rounds of fun. You’ll thank yourself later for allowing yourself to have the best experience you can! Not saying that you should carry your entire condom stash with you, but it’s not harmful to carry more than one.


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There is a reason why a pack contains three condoms.
Now I do not know whether you are advocating carrying more than one pack or what?


If … and I say If this fellow is to be believed , …
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