carolyne mutoko tells wetangula to behave maturely

In an article published
by one of the local
dailies, the former radio
queen urged Wetangula
to understand that even
President Uhuru
Kenyatta shows his ID
card when he is
travelling with Kenya
Airways or any other
“It is easy to castigate
Senator Wetangula for
hoping his fame and
position is all he needs
to board an airline and
for all to pay homage to
the wonder of him,”
Mutoko said.
She also said Wetangula
drama’s is a replicate of
what former Deputy
Chief Justice, Nancy
Baraza, did in 2012
where she pinched a
guard at the Village
Market for failing to
identify her.
“Is this meltdown with
Wetangula another case
of “You should know
people?” Mutoko posed.
Wetangula, who is one
of CORD principals, has
threatened to sue Kenya
Airways staff who
ejected him from a
Mombasa bound plane
last Thursday.