Caroline Odinga

Ati hii maneno ni gutter press ama Kuna vile

Ni odiga si odinga my fren

Huyo ndie mgani My fren, juu mimi nimesoma Odinga.

[SIZE=6]IEBC deputy presiding officer murdered in Siaya County [/SIZE]
Saturday August 19 2017
A section of Sega trading centre, Siaya County. The body of Ms Caroline Odinga, who was an IEBC deputy presiding officer in the August 8 General Election was discovered in a thicket in the trading centre on August 19, 2017. PHOTO | FILE

[SIZE=4]In Summary[/SIZE]
[li]Ms Odinga, a teacher at Ugenya High School, was a deputy presiding officer with the IEBC during the August 8 General Election.[/li][li]She warned the public to desist from rumours surrounding her death and let the police to complete their investigations.[/li][/ul]
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Police in Siaya are investigating an incident where the body of a middle aged female teacher, who was a deputy presiding officer with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), was discovered on Saturday morning in a thicket at Sega trading centre, Siaya County.

Ms Caroline Odinga’s body was found by residents who were on their way to attend the burial of slain IEBC ICT director Chris Msando in Lifunga village.

Ms Odinga, a teacher at Ugenya High School, was a deputy presiding officer with the IEBC during the August 8 General Election.

The Siaya County Police Commander, Mrs Sarah Duncan, said the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Ms Odinga’s death.


“We were attending the burial of Chris Msando when we received information that a lifeless body was found dumped in a thicket in Sega, we have launched investigations into the matter,” said Mrs Duncan.

The officer added that information from the deceased family indicate that she left her home on Friday to get her pay after working as deputy presiding officer during the just concluded elections.

Mrs Duncan added preliminary investigations revealed that the victim was gang raped as her genitals and left ear were badly mutilated.

She warned the public to desist from rumours surrounding her death and let the police to complete their investigations.

“We urge the locals to ensure that they keep off sensationalising this matter and let the police do their work,” said Mrs Duncan.

lady alleged to be murdered an iebc official kutoka wester…but bila effidens ni hekaya tu

What if Musando was killed by the wife? I live in dystopia


My thought too.

It’s most certainly true, saw the update here:

[SIZE=6]I am alive and kicking, IEBC officer confirms amid death rumors[/SIZE]
Aug. 19, 2017, 6:00 pm
By PATRICK VIDIJA @vidijapatrick
An IEBC official on Saturday dismissed claims that she had been murdered and her body dumped in a farm.

Ruth Kalundu, IEBC Siaya County Returning Officer, told the Star that the rumor should be treated with all contempt it deserves.

This followed reports circulated on social media that her badly mutilated body had been found dumped in Sega area.

But she said, " Let all people know that I am alive and kicking".

Kulundu said she had spent the rest of the day attending Chris Msando’s burial only to get information that people had alleged she is dead.

“I learnt of this information at around 4pm after attending Msando’s burial. My friends from all over were calling to find out whether am fine. When I asked to know what was happening I was sent a link purporting that I have died,” the official said.

The discussion is about Caroline but not Ruth.

Very confusing.

Very confusing… Hapo nimetoka bure

Well another funeral is needed for someone to regurgitate some more.


People should really stop spinning stories.

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what is confusing about this VS? fact; Odinga, a teacher and deputy presiding officer in one of the polling stations was gang raped before being murdered
fact; word went out on social media that it was the returning officer, kulundu, that had been murdered
fact; she came out to set the record straight in the report quoted by @Soprano above…

oops! now i see it. the second she in the summary part of the story i quoted refers to the police boss ms sarah duncan…

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If for real he was murdered by someone else and not the gover, they would be giving updates about the investigations. The silence says a lot.

There are people even in opposition who are too big to be mulikwad

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Who? If it was the opposition they would be very happy to expose but leave that to the court of public opinion.

some things in life are not as simple as you think…at what cost?

That’s what I called confusing since it seems to imply the dead she was asking folks not to speculate as to the cause of her death.

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