Caroline Matako is a true blonde


She is a useless old camel feminazi

Anyway Your post is garbage too

haha ati 24mp camera


Sawa lakini RWNBP

Wanawake na technology hawapatani one time I asked for a power supply unit bitch gave me a cable

Your wife,?

vipi pilsner baridi ?Tulisema wifes and mothers are off limits

Tuli agree na nani?..fuck off

The guy just refered to a female as a bitch na una hauoni shida hapo

Women and logic
Perfect example right there

Hold your horses man,those who did marketing will tell you that a good advert is the one that will draw controversy.As you share the shit,a lot of folks will get to get the message.Kwani Alai ni mtu wa D-?

you see people are confusing tec blogging ,with celeb gossip.[ATTACH=full]130287[/ATTACH]

@coldpilsner unanyesha tena?

Mzee mjinga enda cheza pahali una kunyianga

its ok to disagree,but kindly Mind your language. Its called the @mabenda4 act.

Dont give a hoot about this mofo. Anajiona otero. Mbwa yeye? Who does he think he is?


24MP kwani ni DSLR?

Niaje wa ingo nyangwes

lol…am a lady and i do fix my electronics whenever there is a hitch