"Caring girl"

As you know, covid-19 has affected every sector in the world and this has meant that I put off my relationship with Vicky the milf on hold for a while till the pandemic is over. Anywho I have been chatting up this girl and now we are in a one month old “relationship.” I am a busy man and most times when we talk I mention that I am working. She has now assumed the role of “guardian angel” and keeps telling me nonsense like “babe si urest kidogo” " babe pumzika" and other useless phrases. I find this really annoying when I am focused on my work and then I receive these nonsestical texts. My fuse is short and so recently when she told me that while I was struggling with a report and trying to beat a deadline I told her to reserve that nonsense for her future child and let me do my job. I mean I know when my body is tired and when to take a rest. So now that am calmed down am wondering, was I too hard on her?

Kwani hiyo kunguru haijui you can never get tired from smelling old used soiled dirty panties?

Wacha kukatia watoto wadogo who got nothing to do ni kuchat all day long

hehe I only smell Vicky the milf’s dirty panties

She is not a kid, she is a working woman in the airline industry but now they are home so I guess she has lots of free time

Ata wewe umeingilia airline industry kama agwambo

mimi makata za agwambo zii

Could be pseudo-concern. She’s not your mom, tell her so

Toka kwa kabat pole pole bila kuwank na picha za Agwambo ghassia.

Umafwi thread

Airline agwambo ameingia ni mshuto usidangaywe na uwongo zake

Kwani hii ndo bundle mpya ya @culture

You will never,I repeat,you will never in your lifetime dinya the pedigree of women that Agwambo the Enigma dinyas.Agwambo is not your jaba base mate mwenye mnashare na yeye kuma ya Akinyi wa kuosha stairs za airport.Jiheshimu ghassia.
Cheki hio sample yangu uniambie kama tuko league moja.Wacha kuni mention ovyoovyo Chura ya chuom ya mogokaa wewe.

Kwani @Ras Junior ni @culture
Mimi huona @Starscream ni @culture

Kweli, this type can drag you

Now that these ladies are iddle nyumbani,msoto pia is fast catching up.You know before the covid situation,they never bothered to save some money but instead budget on pesa ya wanamme wao.

Saa hii msoto ikishaingia they will send all the texts so you give them your attention,and try blackmail tricks to get your money.
Huyo sasa boy wake hamtumii kitu so to survive the rona,she has to keep as much male as possible around her ambao atakuwa anapata faida.
Bro,dont apologise.

It seems pia hii nyau hujatwanga ndio maana you keep on wondering ikiwa ulifanya vizuri au vibaya.Ungekuwa ushatwanga,najua ungeshapotea zile kona za karura forest

Kuma ni kuma tu wacha kujichocha boss as long as its clean and tight. Huyu kwanza na hio nosering anakaa kutombwa na factory mzima .malaya tu
Btw this is a juvenile mafwi tucker tucker thread from a khasia tucker tucker wankerthon champion

Hmmmm I think you should learn to control your emotions. You are burning bridges. The only way that chiq will ever text you again now is if she’s super desperate.

True.Wengi hawako kazi na wanajua huwezi wapeleka lodgo so atainsist umpeleke kwako.Hapo hakuna talker anaeza ingia hio mtego

Hakuna talker anaeza ingia hio mtego juu 35% wako majuu kama @Panyaste★ wanakula ma doh zao bila pressure,the other 35% nima businessmen wana make doh zao na ku invest humu humu with a few thousands to spare per month for a random two bottles of JW Black with them girls or green label or King GeorgeV.
However,shida imo kwa the remaining 30% who have nothing at least fir the girls to hang out withem.All they do is to tell the girls I love you I wanna marry you, I wanna do great things with you.Saa hizo the only thing he owns is a 5 inch mjulus.
Ame brain wash the girl mpaka the girl thinks the 5inch mjulus is all there is in life when it comes to mjulubeng.The sad part is that these clowns wananyorosha the girls kwa manyumba zao.Makosa.
These girls encounter a full red blooded 6feet tall,bearded 11inch dik male like Enigma whi nyoroshas them in a 3 bedroom man cave in Kikelessssswa with a swimming pool,bathtub,wifi,to boot,maze anaona simu za @uwesmake Ana end up kumwambia ‘can you loose my number with your small dcik and your lousy kayole matope hood?’
Halafu uwes anaskia kwa background wakiulizana ‘where the f is keyoule?who lives there with this kourouwna manenowz?’