Caretaker government and the katiba

I have seen this caretaker government floated by nasa. Infact nasa diehards ar calling for this confirming what uhuruto have been saying from kitambo “raundi hii hakuna nusu mkate, hata slice”. So as nasa thinks they are running rings round jubilee, the ruling party has nasa mapped out.

Now to the main topic, where in the katiba is a caretaker government envisaged?


Through a referendum- I would think.

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It will be a political settlement. So far NASA seems to have identified the right buttons to push, for the care taker Government.
Let’s also ask this question, how many more elections can we withstand ? Keep in mind the bar set for nullifying Presidential elections is below ‘Sea level’.



My guess is if the Supreme court rejects the next result, both parties will have no choice but to disband the IEBC ( how can anyone trust their results after that) and elect new commissioners, who will have to start the process from scratch. So then Uhuru will remain President until a resolution is found as shown above. So there will only be one more election with the current IEBC.


By 18 tutakuwa tumemaliza hii maneno.

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Why caretaker ?? There is no vacuum, the opposition messed with elections in their so called strongholds, the ballots papers are still intact ! A gain the realty is Jupili has numbers + development record period !


huyu babu apewe PM position nchi itulie

Kapsa. There’s no vacuum. So, hata slice hakuna…


There can never be a vacuum as per our constitution. Until the incoming president is sworn in the incumbent maintains the throne. Simple and clear.


If the elections are not held within the 60 days then there is a Vacuum.

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Was there a clause in the Katiba on what to do if the electronic systems fails or malfunctions, is there a Plan B for recovery and continuation?

I think its a constitutional mandate to hold elections, in case of systems failing the sc was formed to deal with such. At the end of the day chebukati can announce any of the contestant as the president elect, he has the powers to do that.

I don’t think iebc can be reconstituted with the current laws, uhuru as is can not appoint the commissioners, he has no powers to do that. I think it will go down to maraga if he wants to mess the country he can, but being the christian he is I don’t think he will annul the results again.

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It would be very bad for this country.

Jubilee does not have the numbers,stop lying to yourself.

Si tuwache hii line of debate tungoje kura.

Tuwache juu umesema?


I didn’t say Uhuru can appoint commissioners. And the results were annulled by a majority ruling. Not Maraga. Maraga just read the result.

There may be none but from the look of things considering the hierarchy of possible successor of the the office of the president who will be legally in office, the speaker of the national assembly will be sworn as president until new elections are held. Just an opinion.