careful what you post on the net.
The internet never sleeps, or so they say.

If you remember a post i shared on Wanderi’s (RIP) klist, about this girl i pulled from facebook, the one pretty girl i was crazy about and had wanted me to hit it at the start of the new year but was suddenly giving me a cold shoulder for ditching her on New Year’s eve for this other new girl i met that day.

Well, your response for a brother loosing the battle to wuss-dom (it’s not a word so don’t go looking for it) was amazing and i took your advice esp from the likes of @Bangaiza and other brothers who understand this game.

So this and that happened and i ended up dating that new girl for 7 months now.

I have no clue how she (the new girl) got wind of that post and im paying the price now.

Details later but whatever you do, kujianika online will be your greatest undoing. Nothing left to lose if she finds this too.

Whiskey here, what are you on this Saturday? Manny is winning

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r u able to run the post again? I cant rembr anything, lazima ni ya kitambo

Ok. Watch thread.

He should run it again. O-H group members cannot easily recall such details.

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Manny is winning, have already placed a stake on him

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Si unge place na mimi nishinde hio pesa
:D. .if manny wins watakuwa wamerig

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Team PAC mpaka mwisho, sema huyo Maywetha kunyoroswo. Ni mimi nimesema

ukianika posts zako hapa ziko safe bratha, hawezi wai tambua unaongelelea yeye…a chic friend of mine who is so interested in me tukiwa na yeye wakati ameboeka with me and my g* ways, huniona kwa hii site ya ktalk but haelewi nini unifascinate…kwanza iyo section ya VIP(mens thingi)

:D:D I would stake more than money on you


Hekaya ndio mtindo sasa??

ruka hiyo story kabisa…unless she knew ya handle name