career turns and twists

let us interrogate two scenarios/people who practically started their career at same time ofcourse nothing much to be gained here

  1. Larry Madowo started his career on a low profile i.e entertainment section but has progressed to rather important/serious shows.

  2. Willis Rabura started his on prime time section. Now he has been relagated to screaming “in there like swim wear” every 10 seconds in funny radio show

Nasa demonstrations and pettiness coordinator.

Prof. Mukuna

Prof. Mukuna started in a county with an ocean but didnt want to shower, today he wants a shower but is in a county with water issues

he had already adopted to temps of +34 degrees coming to lower temps he does not prespirate hence always fresh

Hehe hiyo ya Raburu hunistua

Larry Madowo started at KTN as a business reporter and was on that Financial markets show, he left for NTV and hosted the PM live show with Wallace kantai then Left for CNBC still on a business role. Came back to NTV on a role we all know of currently

willis raburu graduated was done with uni in 2010, larry Madowo was covering the referendum for KTN back then

Larry had a headstart since he dropped out of campus and had more time to build his brand so sioni comparison hapa

Andika na kijaruo @introvert will translate.

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ongeza umepiga lonsdale juu chini

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Thread imepiga turn and twist

chieth nyambura


Back in campus, I remember one of our lecturer telling us that less than 30% will continue the field we are majoring in once we hit the market. That we will follow the money and his words are coming true.

So true

you dont need a lec to tell you that. Dunia ya leo masomo ni kama kutahiriwa.

What makes Larry stand out. I find him a bit bland. He’s very intelligent though…but tv I find you need that extra spice.

That’s common knowledge and is dependent on availability of entry-level jobs in your line of specialization.
What your lecturer didn’t expect is that you’d be online posting shit for most part of your day time!

Umekuliwa bibi nini? You are all over insulting talkers on almost all threads. Relax kijana, you can’t take on everyone and win unless something inside you tells you that you are babuon.

Wewe mathice siulikuliwa bibi na pastor na bado uko hapa… uliona nikikujibu wakati ulikuwa unalia? let me vent my anger in peace.