career professionals

I love the spirit to help that exists in this village.

It is in this regard that i request the villagers here to state their professional field.

This will help if any of us get an issue of any nature.

@Leo Mwangih hospitality industry

Sema tu wewe ni waiter

Umepotea kijana?

You are drunk go and sleep if you cant locate which thread you’re replying to.

Isorait we get your specialization, DD(daily drunkard)

@ol monk sema tu zote

Nakwambia si OLX wako na offers za power :smiley:

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On the contrary am a hotel manager. In a 5 star hotel along Thika road

i am a fixer- problem analyst, advisor on conflict resolution, communications, political sabotage, …bring it on

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Mimi ni kama Jemo yule msee

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Refer to previous post…

Am an electricall fundi though sai kazi iko low sana if any talker has any electricall project or repair …kindly contact me.

poleni…i guess u can figure were that reply is meant to si ulevi

Tuk tuk driver

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My tv imechomwa Na stima. Can you repair for me?

Tuk tuk driver

electric caller…ni wewe umeita stima wakati kulikuwa blackout? where are you lakini and i might have a job?

Leo i mainly deal with electricall installations both single and three phase things kama lighting, wiring etc Electronics am afraid not i dint major in that though vitu ka pasi , blender simple electric gadgets naweza kusort… but just to be on the safe side tafuta Tv guard kama huna uweke fridge guard ama Avs if your stima is not stable to avoid Tv kuburn next time…

Gashwin yes ni mimi …am in Nairobi but since am a freelance electrician leta kazi ata ikiwa lodwar ntafika brother