Car Tyres Recommendation

Am looking to replace my 235/65/17 tyres. Previously been using yana lakini naskia vile the Chinese ones are just as good and cheaper, au pia hizi maxxis. Can someone recommend a good brand and shop. 70% Tarmac and 30 off road.

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BF Goodrich, All terrain.

YOKOHAMA is the best especially ile time unajua uko karibu kutoka Nairobi KUHAMA tumia hiyo

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try kumho, they are decent on a budget, but the problem with the cheap ones is the noise an poor handling especially when its raining. For tyres I try and get the best I can afford they might just be the difference in a bad situation, for the shop I prefer autoexpress

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My friend, please never compromise on quality especially where your life and the lives of your loved ones are on the line. Please go buy good quality tires which you can depend on. There are 2 things I never compromise when replacing, Brake pads na tyres. Am driving on Dunlop currently they serve me very well. I learnt this the hard way with my first car, Nissan Note…So silly mechanic convinces me to buy some cheaper yet durable brake pads instead of the original ones since they cost 11k, na hizo zingine ni 4500. Mimi na ufala yangu nikakubali, for some time I noticed hizi pads hazishiki kama za kitam bo, but i brushed it off after sometime.maze niko hapo escarpment Mai mahiu route ma 6pm solo nakafinya towards Nakuru, mvua nayo ndio hiyo, nilichapa bend hivi nikapatana na FH ina overtake lorry, mimi huyoo brakes, wapi! Hapo maze ndio unajaribu kila kitu umewahi skia…niko hapo pumping the brakes at supersonic speed gari lakini gari haisimami, though it feels like the tyres are locked,miguu nazo ni Linglong R15,(Fala pia aliniambia ni poa) FH nayo inaflash mataa…Nikaona options ni mbili, option one -brace for impact (and feature in meriamata’s photos za accident alert) 2. Swerve left escarpment side. I swerved to my left at the last sec. N. Note kakaingia kwa kichaka. The car stopped on its side,barely held on by some medium size tree.FH nayo ikapotea,Niliokolewa na maboys wale huuza some fur caps further up the hill. Got the car back on the Rd. And the first thing I did when I got to Nakuru is buy the original brake pads, and brand new Mitchellin tyres, the difference was immediately noted. My Fren…don’t compromise just to save a few bucks. And by the way the original ones even last longer than the cheaper ones. Lakini upto now I still get nightmares about the incident, wife aliniambia kuna siku ameniskia naota,kuwasha taa hivi mimi huyo na boxer nimeshikilia steering wheel na pump pump ma brakes…


:smiley: Pole, nimeshindwa nicheke ama nikuhurumie. Hii imefaulu kuwa hekaya. Anyway, pole kwa hayo. I think one of the reasons why your breaking system failed is coz it was raining. I have never understood why this usually happens. Secondly, you’re right on that mitumba break pads. Always go for the original. They are both safe and durable. They are also good for the disks. About the tyres, I used to buy yana but one day I got a tyre burst. I didn’t have enough cash hence decided to get a ling long for the time being. Since the other one wasn’t in good shape, I decided to buy 2. They were quite cheap; 1 yana could buy 3 ling longs with some pocket change! I stayed for 2.5 years before getting a puncture. I continued using them even for the others. The only thing I can’t advice is on how safe they are.

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Gari mbaya haisadiwi na pads or wheels.

Michelin ndio better option… Goodyear pia sawa

:D:D:D:D:D Izah man! It’s true what they say, never compromise on quality for anything that concerns the tyres, braking, transmission and steering systems. Failure in a component or part for these is very likely to be fatal.


its funny that the bad brakes and tyres saved you, I think you should thank your mechanic :smiley: otherwise better braking and grip at that moment would most likely have resulted in the FH running into you.

Go with your budget honestly. But I have used few of the cheap tyres before but it started making so much noise…that driving was a headache. I also ended up paying up more coz this tyres do not tend to last long in OFF road condition. I have came across this article about how to chose the right tyre, you can give it a try.