Car tracking options

Need assistance guys, which is the best affordable company , that has mobile apps, and all the latest tech in the track business.

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I use africartrack Int’l, a company by a young man I have known for a decade and their recovery record is outstanding.

Those taken by thieves are recovered? Or just cases of abandonment.

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Best to have two trackers nowadays. One that can be easily found and another one well hidden like the one with no antennae.

Please recommend one with no antennae and is strong

Mini Gps Tracker Anysun Quad Band Realtime Smallest Spy Car GPS Mini Waterproof System Tracker TK102B with TF Slot

Have you used it

Try Spotted Anywhere Kenya ltd, I saw they have a good car immobilizer and tracker though I haven’t used any of their products

YB02 has heard that this is also waterproof tracking.