car track

Where can i get a cheap car track. ??

don’t know about where but i know cheap gets you shit…


Connect an old phone to the car’s battery and download an app to broadcast its location to you. Every month you will just buy a bundle for that phone.

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How cheap is cheap? If you want one where you can track the vehicle yourself, on both smartphone or comp, prepare to spend around 18k give or take a few.

Talk to these guyz

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Just to worn you my friend. Be very careful on cheap deals specially when it comes to this car trucking thing. If i had time, i would have narrated to you some happenings that befalled a close friend of mine who decided to go same route you are seeking advice for.

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I concur. Cheap is very expensive

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Interesting! Please explain further. Where is it done? I have had 3 breakage attempts and its worrying.

The phone can be cleverly hidden kwa boot or some other place. Your auto-wiring guy should be able to handle the rest.

Hapa umebaka kizungu bila lube. Narrate those hekayas sometime in the near future.


Vile @Luther12 amesema. By the way, that suggestion i came up with was something completely on the fly…but seems to be a genuinely feasible idea though.

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20k and no monthly payment. Inbox nikushow.

Kizungu dead n buried in an unmarked grave

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Googled car track and this is what I got or am i missing something?..


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Bangi iwe huru,Uko wapi usaidie huyu kijana juu naona he is abusing the herb.

hio kitu ni 30k wacheni kudanganya mtu

Kuja nikuuzie 20k ndio uende ukamuuzie hiyo 30;)

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wewe hii ubroker yako imezidi. uneweka line ya airtel ama gani?


Hapa unaniangusha mblo. 30k is a con, pure and simple. It shouldn’t cost more than 20k today (inclusive of installation) ikienda sana. One can also opt to buy the gadget and pay only for installation.


infact thats a nice cheap car track:D:D:D