Car theft

Today morning I got the shock of my life.I went to where I had parked my car in the morning with keys in my only to find an empty space.A really bad feeling for sure.What a way to start a day…

waah , where exactly?

and FYI hapa ungeweka details ama hata picha ya gari kina pamba wangekusaidia

What happened?

Utawala.Along the northern bypass

Pole bro.shit happens.

I parked as usual only to wake up to this.It went with all my very expensive machines

Thanks bro.Not a nice feeling.

Its a Nissan Vanette van KCB 083M.White in color.Single sliding door on the left.Tinted with Private letters on the Front and Rear windshields.

A photo of the vehicle? You never know.

:eek::eek::eek::eek:.Pole sana.Alarm system ulikuumeweka gani budaa.


Hawakusanya gari walisanya machines zako.


Just the normal alarm.Not GPS though

Not many people know about them.Mostly the rear compartment stays out of bounds.

pole boss

Asanti sana

Inform all ua friends on FB wasambaze hiyo picha. Someone may have seen it

Good idea.Unfortunately my Facebook account has been inactive for a while,maybe even closed.
Maybe if someone here can be kind enough to circulate the pics

Pole Sana…Reminds me of a Jama whose car was stolen bado…alikuwa confused ana-bend chini kutafuta kwa magari zingine tao…It was funny couldnt hold the laugh but bado nilitry kujikaza coz i could only imagine…

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