Car security

Morning elders, villagers, junior members and guests, all protocols observed. I seek your opinion on the above subject. I have a “new” car with factory security installed in the form of open and close doors function. I have been advised to install an alarm system but given the environment I live in I am hesitant to install this alarm system that are triggered by even the slightest of touches.
You see I live in a compound with a lot of wild animal the likes of baboons and warthog and this means there will be a lot of false alarms .is this factory thing adequate or can other chips open the doors, what would you recommend as alternatives.
Photo as below but sina picha ya baboon
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Hehe mbisha ya nguruwe ni ya nini?weka ya baboon na warthog

A cut-out does it for me.

Hapo kwa mlango andika: Onyo usiibe gari langu na si tafadhali.

Given your environment, i would advice you to rear a big snake and be leaving it in the car.

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Snakes are also there but I couldn’t include it in the writeup juu ya threshold

ukitoka kwa gari una-open bonet alafu unachukua ignition cables kama mbili hivi. Remove the engine cover permanently. :D:D Anybody who wants to drive must have the cables. However, if the thieves come with a towing truck hauna bahati.


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How about gear lock? And accelerator pedal lock?


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salimia old manki

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You forgot robots:D:D:D.

Enda park road nairobi ama ngara next to KPLC offices kuna jamaa wanaweka hizo alarms. they will give several options which you can choose from.

Hehe, a cousin of mine used to do that, he has this wire which he would disconnect at night and deftly replace in the morning

I guess what I am asking is whether this factory thing is reliable or not, can it be copied and find your car missing from a parking spot in Nairobi

tumia akiri:), nunua shaini na kafuri.


Alarms have different settings. It can be set to go off when the car is pushed a little or if the movement is more vigorous like someone trying to open the doors when closed. You cant kosa a solution. Or you can do a mr bean na utoe steering wheel!

Park gari karibu na dirisha ya bedroom. Hata wakisukuma utaskia.

What helps me most is the Factory alarm. These local alarms are bure kabisa. My local cut out is such that you ignite the vehicle and after it is done like 1km, thats when gari inakata mafuta, so its easy for the vehicle to disappear. My factory alarm is better coz when you break in, the vehicle hoots continuously, now, this is the best coz, that hooting will alert everyone. I once parked near Jevajee gardens and they managed to break in, but thanks to my factory alarm, the vehicle hooted mpaka I heard while in the Bata shop near there. They managed to steal my ka-laptop with my whole thesis. All in all that factory alarm saved my kaToyota.

weka kitu reliable. inbox your no niku hook up na mjamaa atakuwekea the alarm where you can immobilise your ride na sms, see it realtime kwa maps na cutout as a bonus

pole sana but hio yako uliwekewa na mkora. a real cutout stops the car from starting. guys are using them na zinawork.

You must be living in a zoo…on another note security gardget are good but thieves are smart if they want your ride they will definately have their way…