Car Owners:Portable Car Diagnostic Machine

Just got mine, I think it’s a must have for all car owners. Checks your car trouble code and alerts you of any problems with your car so you can get it fixed before your car gets a major breakdown,

It will diagnose Japanese vehicles from 2002 and European vehicles from 1998. It’s only 7500/-

Call 0738 703 706 They’ll sort you out.

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Forgot to mention you use laptop or Android phone to diagnose.For Android phone just follow the instructions and download the software app and pair your android device,password is 1234. You’re good to go.

Kshs7500=Rip off. This contraption costs $10.


@mayekeke, have you ‘test-driven’ it? Does it actually work?


Actually it costs $15 on Amazon.

So far so good,I paired it with my phone and it works,my car is in tip top condition.


So it won’t work on my 1998 Japanese thing?

Niaje Mayekeke. Swali, now that umeinunua, si bado utapeleka gari garage ukiwa na shida?

Yeah, he’ll go to the garage (since he’s not a mech) but will now not pay the 1,000-1,500 bob fee for diagnosis.

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Na niuriseko, inadayagnosingi puncture iko wapi mbira kuweka tiumbu ama mguu kwa basin?


Be careful some of these contraptions wont work well on german cars…i have 3 so far and they are not working on my german car…they do however work on japanese ones…oooh and the 7,500ksh is total hogwash!

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There’s one I’ve seen being discussed on wazua specifically for German cars though I don’t recall the details.

vile @[SIZE=4]ol monk [/SIZE]ameurisa.

wacha nimarise kucheka kwansa:D:D:D

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haha mambo ya doo @mayekeke amehepa

Really?? 6K?? Hata shillingi isiyo ya halali siwezi guza.