car not starting sometimes

this car is misbehaving, most of the time it starts fine, then sometimes (like once in week) it doesn’t fire. If I wait for like ten minutes and try again, it starts as if nothing was wrong with it. It is becoming unreliable because I cann’t tell when this will happen. today It happened in town and I had seek alternative means of transportation, i was in a hurry and could not afford to wait. what could be problem?

Upgrade boss! Get a new ride.

it is not that old, it’s a 2007 toyota

What alternative means of transportation did you seek and get in less than ten minutes?


@karema-hitI Bodaboda. I said “like” ten minutes. I was already late to pick my boy from school and wasn’t sure it would start.

Have you tried asking it nicely?


Something to do with starter motor or its wiring if it is not turning. or the starter motor relay switch problem if your car got one. A faulty relay system behaves like that. If the starter motor is turning and fast enough, then it is a problem with the firing system. If the starter motor is turning lazily or isnt turning when headlights are on, get a new battery.


Had a mitsubitch VRG behaving that way. Tried everything but problem persisted.

Iko kwa mawe saa hii.

The more reason I love my manual nze, it only fails to Start when battery is dead or when spark plugs are dead

replace your cold start sensor.


My friend, start with the battery then chek the spark plugs or the leads. That should be the place to begin

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You still owe us a story bana

Hi Jaro soja…pia wewe tupe story siku moja

haha I give stories everyday!

Check the starter. You can replace it or have it rewound again.

might one of the sensors in the ECM ( engine control module is broken… Had a similar case a while back…tried changing the fuel pump, fuel filter lakini wapi…a friend a GM changed some sensor(don’t remember the name) and things went back to normal…

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I will have the sensors checked and the relay system @Ingia

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Oh that is sad, pole boss

Trust me you are the type that has no idea of what happens under the hood.Every man got to know his car,you should be able to pin pin point the source of your problems.