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Planning to acquire Toyota Premio old model.I have found one that suit my taste. Shida ni, it has done more than 220,000 Km. lakini it has been taken good care,never been involved in an accident and never been repainted…In Short Imesimama. My question is, is it advisable to acquire a vehicle that has done more than 200,000 Km??

waaaah sema kuchoka engine… umeenda test nayo?

Dont.chuma huzeeka pia.

If you buy a brand new car from the showroom, it will take you 10years to clock 200k kilometers by which time you will not have replaced any major part and the car will still do another 10years if well taken care of. Don’t base your decision on mileage

@highschooler,yep nime test drive na iko very stable na imenyamaza mbaya…
@karema-hitI, Thank you mblo, much appreciated.

pesa ngapi? tuone kama unagongwa

inaenda na ngapi?

Unauziwa pesa ngapi?

kama ni klost najua hii post ungekuwa ushang’oa

Nauziwa 450k na Ni KAV…

run away from that, 450 can buy a more decent and better car

450?? na hiyo milleage yote aki ya nani!!

that thing you should be getting it for 250k. You are being sold the name Toyota nothing else. @450k look for me I take you around and you will be amazed at what you can lay your hands on


@Ice_Cube ,Kindly send me ur digits kwa [email protected] tufanye biashara.

vile Ice Chupi amesema