Hi listers… Av been using tyre 205/50r16 BT sasa sizipati kwa duka. The closest option I HV ni 205/55r16 …shud I replace with thesethese considering naweka tyre za mbele pekee? Pros n cons tafadhali


We usitumie hio jina listers hapa, ama ntachoma hizo tyre zako.

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it will be more prudent to change all four kama kama hupati the original size, lakini am sure you will get size 205/50r16 at
[SIZE=4]Pirelli[/SIZE] center on Ngong rd just after adams arcade

I miss the village

Is thea any harm to the car?

yana tyres

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I want China… Any leads?

Pretend all you want but you know >95% of users here are listers. Talkers are like 1%

yana ni za sameer africa… whole of africa

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Deep down we know we are listers…

Deep down we know we are listers…

And 0% are kenyangeners :wink:

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Accept and move on

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gooogle uone hiyo community

Are you serious? there is a community called kenyangeners? and I can find them on google?

Cant find em on google. I’ve tried even yahoo bing duck-duck-go. Nuttin. Where exactly are they found?


You would be stupid to put wider Tyres on the front whether new or used,if you can’t afford all four weka iyo 55 nyuma, though car will look like a giant skate board