Car experts...

A question to the villagers …What are
the pro and cons of changing a car
from auto to manual shift and is it
advisable…since ive noticed many car
makers these days are creating more
auto engines as compared to the
manual …

post bila mbisha makes me want to cry
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It all just depends on the use to which the car is put. There are people who just like it manual, others can’t handle it. If intended for public transport, most operators would rather it was manual coz of fuel consumption. Should you decide to change, make sure you get a good mechanic to do it as the expertise of the person doing it is very important. Also consider associated modifications especially for cars whose ‘hand-brake’/parking brake is foot operated e.g. Noah and Ist.

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Lurther12 i hear you thanks…so your saying manual cars consume less than auto i never knew that…

pros manual are powerful
cons bei

Mboss, when switching between manual and auto, is it just the gearbox that is changed?

If switching from auto to manual, then yes, you’ll require: manual gearbox (with its gear lever), its ‘bell’ housing (in some, the auto one will fit), clutch pedal, master cylinder, speed sensor (in most manuals, it’s hooked to the gearbox), pressure plate, clutch, and other minor parts and associated wiring. You may also have to either modify (by adding) the propeller or simply get one whole one (often, the manual gearbox is shorter than auto and thus will necessitate a longer propeller- often the first half of the propeller).

Changing from manual to auto is not worth the trouble. If you want an auto car, simply buy one.


Dhenks meeen. I thought it was a simple unscrew/screw in job but I know better now.

It perhaps sounds more complex than it is. It’s a job that can be done in about 6 to 8hrs.

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Second hand ex japan manuals are becoming cheaper than autos due to declining demand. If you wanna change, you must find a compartible gear box if the manufacturer offers one. otherwise, hiyo jua kali ingine utaharibu gari bro. drive trains have their specific ratios. You might change to a wrong gear box and your number 1 behaves like number 2 so you cant go up a steep hill or go past potholes or carry anything heavy and the clutch becomes almost inoperable and easily burnt. alternatively your number 2 might behave like number one and your number 1 becomes so fuckin heavy and slow, and your number 5 behaves like a number 4 and the car loses speed. You might also easily spoil the engine in a short time. The manufacturer has done his ratios with high precision. If you can get a compartible gearbox you will be okay.

You wont be sitting back and letting the car find its way with manual. You have to learn to shift gears smoothly. You have to learn how not to jump the clutch and how to operate it in all occasions especially when the car is heavily laden. This takes time. With manual,you will have control over your car like a god.


Lurther 12 and Ingia according to your descriptions it needs an expert and its not worth the trouble infact i boarded a Nissan caravan which had been changed from auto to manual and true to your word the car was new but haikua ata na power…

it’s all about the gear ratios…you fuck them up wewe kwisha

If you look at my first reply, I must’ve alluded to the fact that you need a skilled mechanic who knows what he’s doing. The good thing is that no wengi hata huko Grogan na kwingineko.

Of course, the parts you buy must be specific for your model of car. If you insist on cutting corners then you’ll not like the end result. Any of the numerous variables may have affected the outcome in that Caravan.

People do it especially for toyotas because its easy to get manual corollas as well as auto. Compartibility is always a problem though and if you wanna do it perfectly you have to get an engineer from japan or have the manufacturer do it for you, and that it too much work and money.

The worst case is where people put a 4.6 litre landruiser engine in a van or a 504 engine in a vw beetle. A beetle with a 504 engine goes past you in your corolla and the driver has time to slow down, roll down the window and look at you in amusement. Such modifications acheive speeds and torque above manufacturers maximum specification and its dangerous.

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Hehehe. It’s usually subaru engines in Beetles.

#Ingia hahahaha your right a friend has a vw combi it has a toyota hilux engine trust me the car is old the paint work bad but when the rubber meets the road , that combi has speed …He likes german especially the vws, Hes planning to put the a datsun engine on his beetle to save on fuel …

It happens. I’ve seen old school range rovers running toyota hiace 5l engines and I’ve read of some of the newer range rover models being fitted with toyota hiace/prado 1KZ-TE engines in Malaysia.