Car Awards 2017 Kenya (Shocking!!!)

So I took the time out of my day to come up with the Car Awards. Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and this is only for educational and entertainment purposes. Please do not confuse this as car buying advise, as the car you decide to buy is your own personal decision, based on your own preferences, and using your own cash.

It is always annoying to see charts and rankings, where the criteria used to come up with the results is not disclosed. So we (myself and I) used the following criteria:

1)Regional Appetite, as mostly Kenyans buy foreign used cars we have tried as much as possible to have car models and car brands that are mostly found in the Kenyan marketplace.

2)Value based approach, we have featured cars that offer the most value based on the category they fall under i.e reliability, re-sale value, fuel consumption, cost of maintenance, cost of the car e.t.c

Compact Car Segment.
Toyota Passo 2011, takes it in this category as the cost of the car tends to be the most important consideration in this category, as one is just looking for a transportation module to take you from point A to B. The Nissan March is actually cheaper but struggles in terms of resale value. You also tend to sacrifice a lot of space so as to get an affordable car in this category hence Honda Fit with the Magic Seats offers the most interior customization followed by the Toyota Passo but the Mazda Demio struggles in terms of interior customization but has one of the best designs in this category. However design is not usually a major consideration in this category as it is usually a case of “Who is the best of the worst”, in short all cars in this category are ugly and by extension uglier and ugliest. But fuel consumption on the Toyota Passo is one of the best though you sacrifice power, however it is the best all round.

Family Sedans
Nissan Skyline/Toyota Premio, in this category you typically want to avoid cars that will result in an identity crisis where you might be confused for a taxi/Uber driver. I will avoid being specific on those affected models for obvious reasons. But the above are good cars without being too expensive or having high fuel consumption like the Toyota Mark X , while still being stylish enough.

Compact cross over SUVs.
Subaru / Toyota Forester 2013, to be honest the best car in this category is the one that started it all the compact SUV segment, the Lexus RX but its hefty price tag denies it that opportunity, and the looks of the newest model are open to your own judgement. Hence the Subaru Forester takes it, having added Toyota as they own a piece of Subaru and they develop cars together. With the RAV4 s being quite small and the Honda CRV having questionable off road capabilities. The Subaru Forester is the best all round with its Symmetrical All Wheel Drive suitable for off road, higher ground clearance than the Lexus RX 350, spacious interior though not very luxurious and a suitable price point and good looks especially the newer 2013 models.

Toyota Prado 2009, although there is a newer model, there are no major upgrades to warrant purchasing it. Hence it is the price leader for a true SUV and it seems to be aging well. The European counter parts are simply not rugged enough to purchase if you are looking for a serious off-roader; you do not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere and with Kenyan roadside assistance being what it is. Equally the Toyota Land cruiser is a more rugged off-roader but it is in the more expensive side of things and with humble looks that may not turn heads. Mind you in this category looks are not important but off road capability and status/prestige as they “Carry Money” and that is why Toyota hardly aggressively refreshes them that often.

Luxury Car
Lexus LX 570 2016, offers the best value as it is highly reliable than the European counterparts which although offer more luxury, style and technology. Mind you the technology will cost you a fortune as even basics like a reversing camera is optional. Equally after year 4/5 of ownership at which the warranty will have run out you will have major maintenance bills. In addition the Lexus LX570 design is aggressive enough to turn heads and when more units are produced it will be interesting to see where the laws of demand and supply will settle its price.

Best EV.
Tesla Model 3, has the best range on a single charge of any electric car. It is also the first key-less car, you did not catch that, it has no key, you only use your smartphone to unlock the car. However they will begin to make right hand drive models in 2019.

Many thanks, your opinions are more than welcome and that is why we have a comment section. Please have a good day.

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The lx 570 looks like the offspring of fat bingwa scrotum and a technical. Very ugly grille
Wacha niache ku hate kitu sigwes afford


Toyota Forester ni gani hiyo

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nissan skyline! fuel efficient like premio???

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I am not very convinced that Toyota and Subaru develop cars together as the ownership percentage is small.
Having said that though, the exiga looks like a Toyota wish.

Wapi XTrail?

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I think that’s the only car they made together. It’s a pretty neat little car. Small Boxer engine that could.

They’re very similar those ones :mad:. I also noticed the subaru anesis looks like a premio. Something weird.
I hope they don’t lose their focus.

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How can you evaluate a car that is yet to:
a) land on our shores and;
b) be legally importable(sic?) because it is a left hand drive until 2019 when they make RHD.

Hahaha! He should go back and do research. Skyline consumption and performance beats premio and mark x.

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Actually more like the wingroad

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Playing with the minds of badge whores

Prado is one of the best selling car in toyota, no doubt it won an award from SUV category.