Captive Portal


For those who have deployed a Captive Portal-Pfsense to be precise, how did you deal with bulk users?
Also, if you got a better solution point me to one.

Am talking about 300-500 users, a learning institution.

Try mikrotik router with level 6 license. Mikrotik user manager is free. Can also use free radius for AAA.
Rukus or Zyxel are other choices.

What AP’s are you planning to use?

If you have an AD in place you can use LDAP authentication. As long as the user are on the AD!!!.. this integration can be done using the freeRadius package available in pf repo…

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Habari mchuna sukuma?

Mikrotik…hio ingine tembea pale University of Youtube

The AP currently on site are TP LINKs and yes there’s a Mikrotik router.My concern was on if i can upload an already created list say on Ms Excel or txt.

Hajaelewa…wekea yeye kwa layman terms

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Hii ni engagement ya Engineers, Ngati mgoje huko kwa kusefisha mecho tafadhari.

Means i have to dedicate a machine as a server, also can i import a user list on AD?

Hata salamu ni hatia?

Yes via CLI. But you’ll have to do some editing. Create a default profile first. Add usernames as below.

/tool user-manager user add customer=Name_Of_Student name=username password=Login_Password copy-from=0

Not necessarily…you just need to allow freeRadius to authenticate users using LDAP (AD) database. There’s no point of uploading users… i can’t imagine you adding/deleting new list of students as they come and leave the institution…take advantage of single sign on that database such as AD provides. If non is available, setup one using Samba4. And you will need two physical boxes for the task. They don’t have be to very powerful, a normal desktop would work.

On checking Mikrotik Level 6 Licensing i get this notice,what the feck?

NOTICE: This product is available only to the residents of US, Canada and UK. Orders by residents of all other countries cannot be fullfilled and when placed, will be cancelled.

All CCR routers have level 6 license. Which would fit your case very well. Otherwise buy a license from

Since naona magwiji wa networking mko hapa, can I convert this router owe ina receive wifi

The best Tech thread .I will explore some of the listed hardware and software in-depth.I have tried PFSense and Ubiquiti edge router .

Lacks a landing page.