Caption this

[ATTACH=full]127801[/ATTACH] What do you think happened here?

It seems like the guy has just confessed about his HIV positive status.

Dude: I thought we was jus havin fun
Girl: For nine months?
Dude: What do you want me to say, I just don’t like you like that
Girl: we had unprotected sex, I cleaned and cooked for you you call that fun?
Dude: has that look right there. . . .

Moral of the story, do not act spouse when you are not.

Tuma 5K yangu.

Mi ndio nangoja.

aih? sasa hii maneno itaishaje my dear?

Mcdaddy put it in the wrong hole

Dude just confused , of making love to her younger and older sister, and impregnating her cousin.
Men ! ! !

Or in ktalk world…
Am sorry, I lied…my real name is @uwesmake

I highly suspect Usher did this song thinking of herpes…



I can’t believe it!You mean hio ball ya cuzo ni yako?

Yaani unipindue kama samaki usiku mzima alafu unasema uko na soo mbili pekee?