Captain's Diaries continues

Now that hangovers za inauguration zimeisha, let’s move on.

After the morning confrontation with Mrs cap, I left the house, went directly to buy our shops stock then took with me the 3-3 to meet Tabby. My weekend with her was awesome pale 237. We enjoyed and ate happiness in full.
On Friday eve I had called Mrs’ Sister to come check on her over the weekend. We had everything in the house and the lady only needed some little cash for fare. Called her on Sat night and all was OK. Come Sunday evening, still eating happiness and Mrs decided to send me a text of the century. Longer than Madaraka Express. She called two times, I never answered. I was tispy and bothered not to read her text nor pick her calls in presence of Tabby.

I called John. John was my trustee and helped me run the empire esp when Mrs was away. He’s also a relative to Tabby. I told him to come with the van at the aforementioned place not leaving his DL. Monday morning had prepared John to take Tabby back at work. She was to report for her last week before going to maternity leave.

The same morning Mrs called. Again i ignored. I even switched off my phone. John was around by six. By then it was abit Cold and drizzling that John wore my leather jacket and a cap. I drove Tabby up to Blue post, hugged my precious darling goodbye then switched vehicles.

First destination Eastern Bypass all the way up to Kamakis. I took chicken soup for breakfast then passed by our house at Kangundo rd. All this time my phone off.
I left my belongings there and rushed all the way to Mombasa rd past Mlolongo. There’s a company I had left some stock the previous week. I was to collect them then pass by Industrial area at Kenpoly, load some plastics and superdrums and back to the shops. Short schedule for the day…

It took me around 30 minutes to get to City cabanas. Traffic along Eastern bypass from Utawala to Tajmall roundabout was hectic. This is where I first switched on my phone just to dial Tabby or John kuwajulia hali. Ala! Their numbers were off. I called Moha, Waria Fulani hapo mbs rd, a short business deal then tried calling Mrs. Two trials and she couldn’t pick my calls. Tried some more times driving past Mastermind and no one picked her phone.

My mind was carried away by numerous texts all reading, “I tried calling you bra bra bra…” All came from pple I’ve never heard from including new numbers. I switched on my data icon and WhatsApp texts started tickling. Hundreds of texts. Images and excerpts.

I was fast driving past Mlolongo, ukipita flyover just where there’s a steady slope. A clear caption of words and picture…
“Captain and her clandestine lover involved in a grisly road accident at Meru-Embu highway.” And a wrecked image of my van posted. I felt my heart skip some beats. Messages of condolences from a family group had started flowing. Leave alone WhatsApp, Facebook notifications too. U rem John had my jacket and a cap. One image had my bloody jacket, cap and Johns shoes besides the wreckage. That’s what made pple mistake John for I. I just felt every tip of my hair rise. I never thought of stopping the vehicle, after all I was in the speed lane. All I heard was a loud bang followed by thunderous cracking sound total confusion and everything. I saw darkness. I woke up three days later at Shalom hospital. What happened I don’t know. All was a tale as narrated by eyewitnesses.

The first person to spread the news was the shitty woman who had earlier called mrs to tell her about me n Tabby. She called Mrs the same morning and told her,

"Enda Mwea Hospitali mbio, naskia bwanako na yule mwanamke wanakuanga naye wamepata accident."

She immediately fainted and was rushed to Mama Lucy hosi. What the hell was going on. She became unconscious for almost six hours. Wacha mushene itambe sosho midia. Ati bibiye captain ameanguka akafa pia. Shait!!! Chidweeee!!!

Three days later. Wacha kisanga itokee pale Shalom. I woke up in a very new environment. I never knew where I was. Makosa zaidi, I lied on a hospital bed, my legs tied each on the edge of the bed, my hands too as if am trapped by a spider web. Different pipes run from noses to mouth. Others fixed in my genitals. Two strange faces stood besides me. Thought ni butchers wearing white coats…

“huku ni wapi?nani alinileta huku?, iko wapi simu yangu, and where is my vehicle.?” Na nguo zangu ziko wapi?

I struggled to speak,very futile but helplessly. My body ached from all jonts and the nurses in charge told me…

Doc:"Hapa ni Shalom…worry not. you were involved in a road accident three days ago… Your phone…?
Me: What??? Siku tatu mmenifunga Hapa kwani mnataka kuniua? Hata sijaoga…nahisi njaa. Nileteeni simu yangu?
Doc: simu utaletewa but your relatives are around. You’ll talk to them in due course.
Me: Na bibi yangu? Gari iko wapi? Hao wengine wako wapi?
Doc: wait for the main Doc around ten minutes he’ll be here then your relatives will be allowed in.
Me; ok.

My good nurse untied my hands and legs only to allow me adjust my position. I couldn’t believe that Tabby, our unborn kid and John aint anymore and this was me again involved in the same. Ten minutes had passed and I was taken through a mental exercise then full body scan. My relatives were around and only my big brother was allowed inside ICU ward. Just wondered why they didn’t allow Mrs in. We chatted for a few minutes asked him about Tabby and John. Where were their bodies and where was the wrecked van? Where’s mama?"

He answered none of the above only assured me that things will be alright. We’ll talk after we are done with the exercise at Shalom.

By noon, all was ok. Scanning was done luckily I had none of my bones flactured. After mental test I was to spend a day then leave the hosi a day after.

How comes no one wanted to tell me about mama nor Tabby and John. From illuminations of the picture I had earlier seen, Nilikuwa nimejijazia the two are gone. That’s why I was asking bro about the bodies. It was a tough moment for us.

Thursday morning I was ready to get out of hosi. Family and friends had all congregated to see my progress. All from our side, Mrs family, John’s and Tabby’s. What the hell had happened of mama that all this time she was nowhere to be found.

My heart was in pain. Thanks I was able to sort the hospital bills on spot. Everyone’s soul around smell tears. An immediate meeting of ‘three clans’ was declared at my place. We all left to Mesora to decide the way forward.

We found mama, her sis plus a few friends having already prepared something for the visitors. Messages of “pole” were conveyed. A clear chronicle of the weeks sudden event was narrated. Ok, i had hit from behind a moving truck speeding at around 100km/hr. My 3-3 was towed to Mavoko station. John and Tabby had slid out of the rd to avoid “passing” with the crossing donkeys at Mwea.

U rem the mushene woman. She was the first to call mama on Monday morning. How was Tabby and John. Tabby’s elder brother had already visited them at Mwea hospital. John had a fractured limb and a dislocated right arm. Tabbys condition relied on Gods mercy and the doctors competence. It was not that bad. She was attended to and passed through Caeserean. Our boy was put in an incubator. The van was towed to Wamumu.

Kweli Lucifer sio kipii.

Waa boss wangu umejionea.

if any of this is true, iza bro.

Boss, endeleza hekaya

Umepitia mengi.

wewe ndio umeishi…pole


Mambo bad

Kiasi tu.


Sawa I’ll be back

Learning to accept life the way it is

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wife alisema nini after mpango recuperated from the accident?

Watch out the next episode…its baking

Pole man

Hii ndio kipitia. … pole bro!!

Tafadhali isikuwe Ctl+C,Ctl+V

Kama ni ukweli;pole sana mkubwa

Aaaih! All this in a single day? Kweli shetani alikuwa amekutafuta sana!

Sande VEs

Have u been following my hekayas???
Sande lakini?

Saitan sio kipii bradha @Luther12

Read the first part and joined the dots. Kavagara! Kweri ndurume ni kuiumeriria.

Bril writing Captain284. Today I managed to read through all yours (lunchtime). Different type of hekaya as anyone wanting to venture into that world has a lot to pick up here about grafting and losing it all and lifting oneself up again. Weee na hiyo mambo ya MWK pia is soooo real. My friends/relas married by moneyed folk like you are swimming with the sharks. If you catch my draft. Sasa you have 2 wives! nothing more say…other than andika will buratha.

Thangiu Mani. Usipojikaza bro no one will offer to kaza his butts for u.

I wish I could like this twice dear @Miss Finest Wine .Hapo kwa will hapana. Am too young to do so. Hiyo ni kama kujitafutia kisirani zaidi. Kuambia kifo uko tayari.

I wish I could share much about what I really related with in your hekayas but not going to as they are too close to home…involves my friends, my siblings. Will touch base at some point but keep going, write on. Will does not mean you are ‘going’ unless you have a terminal illness say like my late Dad and his siblings, ni kujipanga. Will means kila bibi anajua vitu zake na za watoto wake pia. No arguing in court. There are numerous families that I could quote incl my own but sitaki ‘noise’. One thing am gonna tell you…this days having a MWK with your child is no longer a reserve for the middle-aged-old folk. Some of the ones am seeing are in their early 30’s.

You have touched on many social issues in your hekas.