Captain save a.......

Once the reach 28 they all become saved and start posting Bible verses

Wachana na captain save a…

captain save a hoe

Salvation is real. Even Saul was a killer of the saints before he saw the light and became Paul. Ask @Purple and she will tell you the truth.

Watu hawajiheshimu

not all women are hoes… but:D:D

Are you sure she was there, … with Paul?


At least she didn’t go on BBC to talk about her career like Mia Khalifa

Women !?

:D:D:D I couldn’t believe Mia Khalifa was on BBC.

Nipewe rink priss

On HARDTalk no less

Nafasi ya dereva ni ile ile

There are worse fates than death or Corona. This is among the top three

Well, when wasn’t she ever?

This is a submarine; all hands on deek…I mean deck.

What else can a good woman give you as a man?Her deciding to keep her legs together just for u,virginity intact,only u dismantling things and taking her v.Anything else is either a retirement plan or social welfare scheme…all for survival

The mighty Wall is relentless and undefeated