Capitalism is the root of all problems in Kenya

Just think about it deeply
A society that being rich, having lots of cash and property is the ultimate goal in life for 99% of the population

Wealth Without Work
Pleasure Without Conscience
Knowledge Without Character
Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)
Science Without Humanity
Religion Without Sacrifice
Politics Without Principle

Yeah, yeah, i know Gandhi was racist.

On the contrary, capitalism drives Genya forward. You must use peoples greed to build a nation and not legislate against that greed like communism tried to do and failed

A time shall come when the poor will consume them…

This are the effects of what i call unregulated capitalism

Can you listen to yourself… Peoples greed loots the country dry and proceeds hidden in off shore accounts…do you know why land prices are so high in Kenya???

Regulated greed my fren, is the way to go. Bill gates greed built microsoft. Steve jobs greed built apple. Toyoda’s greed built Toyota.

Now, lets look at America where greed caused a near collapse of the economic system. Look at the Great Depression. This happened largely because of UNREGULATED GREED! Once the yanks put systems in place to channel that greed, an economic and industrial giant was built.

The chinese have currently abandoned the communist system and are using capitalism to propel their country to the next level.

The trick is to regulate the greed and not try to get rid of the greed.

Btw, it looks like if you were born in the 1950s, you would have most likely been a communist.

We have 10 millionaires and 10 million poor people

Capitalism is what will save africa and its what saved china. Right now western and chinese companies are moving to africa for cheap labour and this will help africa develope, we just need to setup requirements like that they hire africans top chiefs when opening buisnesses.

Capitalism is just an economic system that if used well can propel Kenya to the 21st century to catch up with Germany and Japan. Capitalism is not the problem. The problem, I think, is the government system of democracy.
Do you know that Plato was against democracy? He did not think a society that gives intellectuals and airheads one vote each will thrive. It will struggle because the few intellectuals ideas will be swallowed by the noises and whims of the hollow skulls.

you would go for a weighted vote? what would determine the weight?

Dont complain thats how the world is . Pambana na hali yako. No one owes you shit. Work hard and smart and you will get what you want.

Greed is good. Greed grows an economy.

Si hata wewe ni racist kwanza ile mbaya kabisa.

Halafu uongeze tribalist.

Nimewatch movie ingine kuhusu Khmer Rouge pale Cambodia. Afadhali democracy na capitalism mara ten thousand billion!!

You don’t know how good you have it today. You really don’t know how lucky you are.

Cambodia has never healed after Khmer Rouge.

Vile socialist waliingia pale Cambodia ilikuwa ni utoke kwako na uwache all “Western” objects.

Hadi hio SQ uko saa hii na ka Oppo ulinunua na saving za miezi mbili. Hadi tusufuria na mattress. Hio siku ndio utajua you are actually very wealthy and blessed. Nyang’au ziki “distribute” ngotha zako.

Halafu sasa mtoke hapo nje and the slaughter of the capitalist pigs begins. Tukianza na former civil servant wote, walimu, clergy, police… scientists, lecturers etc etc.

Ma MP, magovernor na ministers ujue washakufa zamani. Ni zamu ya bearaucrats.

The same happened in Ethiopia next door when the socialists arose.

The streets of Addis were red with blood.

Capitalism works when u have a thriving & majority middle class. Sio wakati dereva mlevi decides to tax u to ur eyeballs.

But in Kenya kuna shida moja…the elite do push our compromised lawmakers change the laws all the time to suit their interests…

That happens everywhere my fren.

Honestly I don’t know what’s the best strategy. I think some of the best poli-sci professors have been wrestling with ideas and non of them have been able to find a long-term solution.

It’s all about me,myself and I