Capitalising on Oil

Oil prices have taken quite the dip. How much would it cost to import oil in the country.
What are the implications on the same…

Would be quite interested in becoming Davison Rockefeller

You need millions of shillings my friend. But right now, companies abroad are paying you to buy off their stock since they are selling at negative prices. But you need to have a storage facility and means of transport.

You will also have to refine it for public consumption.

The oil they are talking about in world market is CRUDE oil.

@Baite tanker zenye zilipeleka mafuta Rwanda zimekwama huko. Petrol station hazina storage space. Diesel ndo inanunuliwa. Wamepiga line two weeks wakingoja nafasi ya kuweka ipatikane. Imagine taker enye iko kwa ocean imebeba 1 million barrels situation yake ni gani?

how can you capitalize on this without actually buying the oil

Buying future contracts.

Kuna tanker ziko kwa oceans zinapeleka mafuta yaani… I wouldnt mind buying a couple of barrels. Storage space kuna muhindi najua pale coast aliniambia hama shida. Refining si ni kuuzia serikali. Problem is getting it here…

Rockefeller became who he is by monopolising the oil refinery industry. I dont think trading derivatives are enough to reach that level

The fact that you’re asking this on Kenyatalk means you have no capacity.

If there was an ignorant comment on oil. It is this one.