cant help but wonder...

Disclaimer:am not trying to be maina kageni or wamama wa saloon but Hii imenishangaza.

Was at this hotel having lunch and I overheard one waitress, very beautiful that I was almost approaching her,discussing her lover with a fellow waitress(also cute).

This lady was talking bout the fight they had with her boyfriend.“ati Jana alinipiga nusu nizimie but Leo alivyonitext yaishe mamy nilisikia furaha nikataka kuacha kazi.huwa ananipiga but it is my fault.”

Kumbe ladies wakisema ati wanataka gentleman huwa ni bullshit.this lady admits to being beaten and she is happy with that situation.



Maybe shes been brought up knowing fighting is a way to show love…or tht nigger is messing with her self esteem n she thinks there’s no other way

A few women i have asked why they stay in abusive relationships had one thing in common. They said they had no resources to make it on their own once they leave the abusive guy…but it still baffles me why men resort to hitting women in the first place.

I have never hit a chic but the urge has been there. Chics have a way of pushing your buttons constantly and giving low blows just to hurt you and honestly I can see why its possible to knock a chic. And before I get villified, i am not saying its right or condoning it.

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Maybe…but in this era where efforts to curb women battering are seen each day,the lady should have at least change her mind

Men push women’s buttons too so it’s both ways. Violence should never be used to solve disagreements. If one pushes your buttons, walk away and solve the issue later when you’ve both calmed down.


Women have a very high chance(once they decide to step out of the abusive r/ship) of landing a gentle guy with all the resources to take care of her.

There is this one time(two years ago)my friend dared me to spank a lady in a night club,I did.whatever happened to me sikutaka tena kurudia such a thing.long story short,I paid a lot of money case isiendelee…

that wasnt spanking, that as sexual assault.

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Me thinks abusive men don’t just do it physically, they do it emotionally too. They fuck up her brains, destroy her self esteem and she feels like it’s always her fault.

Whoever said women cannot be understood hit the nail on the head. Recently women were cooing over the book/movie 30 shades of gray. The relationship in the book can be argued as being abusive n controlling. Sijui kneel down n face the wall. This is the shit that turns women on.


You never heard her right, alisema alinipiga maji karibu nizimie

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Picha ya waitresses, else artistic work of fiction.

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do women ever calm down? i still occasionally suffer for the stray i made as a boyfriend 20-some years ago…

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Everyone handles things differently. It’s up to the parner to know their other half… The thing is when both of you get on each others neck the situation is gonna get worse. One has to calm down in the best way they know how; not because they’re cowards but because it’s the right thing to do.

it’s 50 shades and the porn parody is much better

…and when the man calms down and chooses to keep quiet so as to prevent further inflammation he is accused of ignoring and a whole new fight starts…

Umeoa ama umecohabit mna mwanamke. I know how it feels when a woman treats ike a toy na unajua what she is doing but based on what she is tugging at, you are not responding because there is no good to do it. Kukakaa matusi ndio hizo zinakuja zimevalia kabuti na balaclavas. You just go up like a volcano. Hizi adolescents zingine ni kuglorify women tu.

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The problem is when you calm down women think you are cowed and you dare not agitate the giver of the almighty pussy and that is always a time bomb. I once bought some girl a nice expensive phone, yes, a phone, sijawahi ona maringo kama hayo baadaye. I then immediately tried to dump her together with things I had bought her tables turned and it became a war of “siendi”/ “unaenda”. When you give a shit abt a woman she gets pricky.
I dont hit them though. Mi huvunja sahani ama kikombe alafu naenda kulala. Najipa shughuli