cant get some sleep

Just ktalking at some strange hours…im having difficulty sleeping @Luther12 saidia…im exhausted but i just cant set into deep sleep.Later in the day i will be feeling tired…this cycle has been going on.

You’re too worried that you can’t sleep and that’s why you can’t sleep. Consultation fee ya Dr. Unicorn is $206. Pay at the reception. Thank you. NEXT…


And why are you up at this hour?

Niliitishwa morning glory.


question very well answered…

Angalau you let the guy rest…You are killing him! Cant you see the friction burns?!

Hehehe @Unicorn.

Isn’t it rude to KTalk while serving the morning glory?

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Different time zones. She’s not on EAT.

Sleep hygiene. Go to bed consistently at same time daily. Have your dinner at least two hours before bed time. Washana na phombe. Nature’s best sleep inducers: a glass of warm milk, a ripe banana, coitus.


coitus, he he. you should have qualified that as good coitus.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Much better than diazepam. :slight_smile:


True. Problem with drugs at times you don’t feel rested and rejuvenated. Dormicum pia si mbaya.

Dr. Luther anakaa Holy Joe hata coitus sidhani if he engages in

Coitus is assuming he has company. In case he doesn’t, does taking the matter into his own hands help?

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Also, avoid mentally stimulating tasks or activities at least an hour before bedtime to allow your brain time to wind down as bedtime approaches e.g avoid horror movies, etc. You could instead listen to some soothing music (not rock or hiphop; gospel or R&B will do just fine).

In case of underlying health problems, have those attended to first.

Any drug, in the absence of an underlying medical condition, is or should be the last option, after first trying non-pharmacological interventions.

Hehehehe calm down. Ni kama kuimagine pastor guess it has to do with society

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I’m very calm mblo :). Incidentally, I’m somewhere near your shags.